Sunday, March 28, 2021


Today is gunna just be a low key day.

We will probably visit a playground so Keera can have a play around, then go somewhere for an ice cream.

If Steve and Bex are around we can drag them along too.

Brylee is visiting so she can spend some time with her little sister too.

I have bitten the bullet and started making enquiries about Markets towards the end of the year.

I know I definitely have three lined up... but will want a few more for sure.

Bex did very well at her market yesterday, and it got me feeling like I would like to do some again.  Not for the money, more for the social side, I love meeting people!  Having them buy something I've made, because they love it, is just lovely too of course.

But NOT over winter.  OMG I simply cannot handle the cold.

This coming week I will head back into my sewing room and make a start on a few more table runners.  Not sure what sort yet... but they will be cheerful and colourful!  I don't really know how to do any other sort.  😂😊😏

Maybe a few more of those Gnome ones too... cos they are just gorgeous and make me smile.

I'm NEVER making any that don't make me smile.  Ya gotta enjoy what you are doing if at all possible.

AND that is why I shall probably never do any more 'outside' the home jobs!  

Life is just too damn short to be unhappy in what you are doing.  I love being at home, pottering around, sewing, painting, making my home a place for family to enjoy visiting, and where Stew and I feel happy and safe.

Right, I'm off to have breakfast with Lacy and Keera, and start the day.

1 pm:  and we have had a really wonderful morning. Because the weather was rather iffy, we ended up taking Keera to an indoor playground at The Base.  Steve and Bex brought their boys along too.
Rather an expensive expedition, but the kids did love it:

ABOVE:  Lots of happy faces.
And parents enjoying 'time out' from entertaining them.

After a good two hours, we came home and I fed the masses.  Sausages on bread, sausage rolls, hash browns,  hot cross buns, fruit, peanuts and juice.  


I'm gunna relax till the next round arrive.  

ABOVE: The next lot arrived, so they are playing happily.  

A couple more hours until all is quiet here again.

Well... it's the end of a busy but delightful weekend.  Time to hunker down for the evening and look forward to a normal week ahead.


  1. Good idea! Just do what makes you happy. Nothing is more important than feeling happy and safe.

  2. Remind me to get a couple of soup cosies off you if there's any available actually 4 would be great if possible. Sun's shining a lovely day here the sunrise was phenomenal. Just got home from work my 4th weekend working out of 6 so far 🥺

  3. Kiwionholidays1:12 PM

    What’s neat indoor area for the lil guys n girls,
    How much they have grown in the last few months is amazing you ones see them often so probably don’t notice it but hey what neat pics n fun they get to have,,,

    Wish I had a quarter of their energy 😋
    Enjoy the rest of the day,
    Beautiful sunny weather here so loadsa pruning,who would’ve believed a week ago we were in floods..

    Sad for all those who lost homes etc
    Lots of help now from us who didn’t,,,, in many wee things we can do every bit helps ,,,

    Cheers 🥂

  4. Indoor rock climbing! Can'
    t go wrong with that!
    My Apostrophe still does not work.

  5. What a lovely day. Keera is absolutely stunning isn’t she! How cute! I miss my kids being little but far too early for them to give me Grandkids yet 😆

  6. You have the most beautiful grandkids! They're so lucky to have you two as their grandparents.

  7. So nice to have all the grandkids over to play!


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