Friday, November 27, 2020


 After a very long four month wait, we are finally going to have a working treadmill again, TODAY.

Elite Fitness peeps are coming here at 10 am to assemble the treadmill.

So, all going well it will be in our gym and working this afternoon.

Stew will be thrilled to bits.  He's really missed having a treadmill.

We had our last one for over 20 years, here's hoping the new one lasts as long.  Should do us till our OLD AGE.  

I can't actually imagine me using it till I'm 82 somehow.

But... ya never know!

Vacum cleaners.

Everyone is going on about the 'stick' ones being the best thing since sliced bread.

Who agrees, are they as good as everyone says?

Who has one?

Why did ya buy that one?

What makes them better than a 'normal' one?

And lastly... should I get one when I already have a Kirby and a 'normal' one?  Is it really necessary?  I am considering it, but just not sure.

I hate vacuming btw.  Would having a stick one make it more fun?  Easier?  Or just another vacum to look at and not want to use?

And... now I'm gunna go and start the day, and clock watch till the bloke(s) get here to assemble the treadmill.


11.48 am:  And the treadmill is done.  The guy turned up EARLY!  Unheard of. Impressed.

ABOVE: And there ya have it.  All bright and shiny, ready to go.

But I'm not getting on it until Stew has read all the instructions and can show me the basics!

For now... I'm off to do the grocery shopping.  Brylee has run out of spaghetti!  Shock & horror.

OH MY GIDDY AUNT!  It took me a full 30 minutes to get from home to The Base!!! It normally takes around 5-8 minutes, depending on the traffic.

TODAY?  There was some EVENT on, so the traffic was backed up for kms.  Lucky I wasn't in a hurry.  I was perfectly happy to sit and listen to me music as we crawled along.

It wasn't so bad heading in the other direction, on my way to the supermarket thankfully.

I've now been home long enough to unload and put away all the groceries.  Now I'm taking a break.

5 pm and ... the ONE thing I needed for dinner tonight, and I forgot it when grocery shopping.  So I drove down to the local supermarket at crazy o'clock and got some.

I went the 'back way' and avoided the main road and all the traffic, parked on a side street and walked to the supermarket around the back of it.  Much easier I must say, but wouldn't want to do it if I was getting very much.

Now : dinner tonight is going to be a beef and bacon pie.  I will no doubt get horrible heartburn.  But I don't care. I really, really want PIE.

8.50 pm:  Dinner was very nice.  I doubt I will get heartburn as I only had a little piece.

Stew and I have packed the cars ready for tomorrow morning.  Time to get everything else sorted for the market tomorrow, then off to bed.


  1. I recently bought a Dyson and live it. Have it in the garage and so much easier to grab it rather than dragging a big one around

  2. Anonymous8:01 AM

    I have the Dyson stick vacuum and it’s great for those quick spills, ceiling cobwebs and hard floors. Much, much better than any other dustbuster I’ve had. I wouldn’t want to vac all my carpets with it though. I LOVE my Roomba robotic vac though. It does a brilliant job, I can start it automatically through an app even when I’m not home, and tell it which rooms to vac, And I can be sewing while it does the work - wouldn’t be without it!
    AllyS Melbourne

  3. Anonymous8:02 AM

    Total waste of money if you already have 2 vacuum cleaners. We have the latest and greatest Dyson stick vacuum cleaner and although it's awesome at the end of the day it's just a vacuum cleaner. My friend has a Robi (robot vaccum cleaner) as she has inside dogs and it's amazing, she has it going a few times a day to keep in top of the dog hair. Wish we got one of those instead!

  4. I had one. A Dyson Stick vac. I loved it for a couple of years until it stopped working. It really is a lot easier to grab, mainly because you don't have to unravel the cord, plug it in , and drag the cord all over the house. It didn't like Collie hair. And it did not last very long. For $400 I expect something to last. But as for ease of use, convenience, a making vacuuming "fun" - I would say yes to all three.

  5. We have a Dyson V11 Absolute vacuum cleaner at work and everyone reckons it is the best vacuum cleaner ever (my boss is a subscriber to the Consumer and it came out top in their reviews at the time we bought it). Personally I avoid vacuuming if I can and leave that task to others 🤣. By the way ... love the hair colour 🙂

  6. Our Kirby is about 15 years old and still going strong. But it's big and cumbersome so I'd like to swap it out for a smaller one. Only problem is I can't find one that cleans carpet as good. We bought a Dyson stick but it's way too small and useless. Won't pick up anything bigger than a hair. And doesn't work on carpet. BUT it is only a small model. My sister has an LG (I think) and it has a pet hair head. She likes it. So depends on how much carpet you're doing. Maybe chat to the salesperson about options and prices. Kirby's are hard to beat, and to get one as good is very expensive.

  7. I love my Dyson Stick Vac but thats because it makes it easier to vacuum with a baby on your hip!

  8. Anonymous11:07 AM

    We have a new Dyson stick vacuum, I freaking love it. It’s as easy as grabbing a broom but with the cleaning results of a vacuum. Jo

  9. Anonymous11:47 AM

    Get a Roomba! Best invention ever!

    1. But what if you lose it under the mess? Won't happen to Chris but I can't guarantee it wouldn't happen here...

  10. If you're going to get a stick get a big one. When they originally came out they were designed for quick clean ups or in between thorough vacuuming. I love ours but killed it because I was using it for big jobs. I also have a dyson barrel which is fabulous but it's too heavy to drag around with dicky knees and a bad back. My son has the big stick dyson and it is incredible but very expensive. If you're happy with your vacs then wait til one fizzles out.

  11. Anonymous1:07 PM

    I love my Dyson stick. It’s great for quick clean ups. I haven’t used my big Dyson for ages, not saying I don’t need to I’m just lazy lol

  12. I have no advice on a vacuum, I dislike them all equally lol.... I think those Roomba ones sound great though, might keep my eye out for a special. Treadmill looks great, I could do with one of those, the last few months I have been swooped by so many magpies (more than ever before I am sure COVID has stirred them up). I thought they would be finished nesting season by now but just got swooped again this morning. I have a list of streets I am currently avoiding!

  13. Ha ha ha - love the spaghetti comment. Made me laugh.

    As for vacuums, I’m with Dee. We use the Dyson stick all the time and rarely get out the big barrel vacuum any more. The stick is just so much easier and quicker. We definitely vacuum more with it.


  14. Anonymous3:21 PM

    I agree with Sparkling Merlot. Whilst the bigger Dyson sticks are expensive they are amazing. We have one of the newer models and I actually do the vacuuming now! So convenient and easy. Keep an eye on the sales, especially post x-mas. Sarah in Melbs

  15. Oh i hope the traffic isnt bad next Friday when i am down!

  16. Anonymous5:53 PM

    Ohhh yeah pie and chips and gravy yummy 😋 I know f all about vacuum cleaners but have a Nilfisk the cleaner uses it seems ok I think 😉 George's Mum.

  17. We bought a Roomba a few months back and it has made my life much easier! I'm very busy with work, so all cleaning is relegated to the weekends, and I can literally clean at the same time while the Roomba vaccuums a different room. It won't get into all corners or under everything, but it cleans the majority which is a huge time saver for me.

  18. Pie with a nightcap of mylanta or other anti heartburn medication. Enjoy. Life is for eating pie.

  19. Hope u sleep well and a great market day tomorrow weather here today was wet and cold and it crossed my mind hope not like this up north tomorrow for Chris stall

  20. Good Luck with your market day today. I hope you sell lots:)

  21. Have a good day with the market tomorrow. Have a lovely weekend.

  22. Anonymous8:52 AM

    I hate food shopping too. It was hell on earth here Friday afternoon...should have gone earlier in the day. Decided to go home, have a cuppa and return after dinner. It was far quieter but still a pain in the *rse!
    M from the SI
    p.s. Your treadmill is in such a lovely spot with the view of the garden:)


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