Thursday, November 26, 2020


 TODAY'S MISSION:  finish all these paintings...

ABOVE:  4 of these paintings are ALL DONE.  But the rest need to have their hanging strings added and be signed.

Then I will be taking some of them to market with me on Saturday.  

Bex is calling in this morning with some clips, so I can hang them on the side of my gazebo.  Well, I hope that will work.  Might be a case of trial and error.

ABOVE:  This darling wee man just ADORES our dogs!  It's such a shame the family cannot have a dog at their rental property.

It's lovely for Archie that they only live around the corner now.  He can come and love on the dogs most days.  I swear, he loves them more than us!

Once I'm up and dressed, I will put me face on and give you a look at the front of my hair.  I just LOVE IT!  I'm so very happy to have found a hairdresser 5 minutes walk from home, who can do it perfectly!  It's taken 4 years to find a good one again.


So far today, it's been excellent!

Bex called in and we went down to the local shops, where I bought a dried flower arrangement in a cute pot, a tin of chocolates and a little Boot of chocolates.  

Then we took them to my new hairdresser, as a 'Thank You' for getting it right!  The tin of chocolates are for all the ladies who work there, the little boot of chocolates is for my hairdressers little boy, and she got the dried flowers.

Good deed of the day - DONE.

Now... here's photos of the hair from the front:

ABOVE:  Even tied up it looks good!  

And now I'm going to get to work on those paintings.
1.24 pm:  And all the paintings are done, boxed up and ready for market.  Another good job done.

Now I feel a bit jaded.  At least I slept last night, compared to two night's ago, when I hardly slept at all.  Too much stuff on my mind, always keeps me awake.

Have I told you how I'm feeling now?
WELL... I finally feel like I am 'AT HOME' and settled in again.
The world does not feel 'off tilt' anymore either.

That was a weird feeling I must say.
It has taken almost 2 weeks to get my head around everything that has gone on, and IS going on.

But, my equilibrium is back, and life is ticking along nicely.
I'm even almost looking forward to this Saturday's market!  ALMOST.  Getting up extra early?  Nah, not so much.

8.50 pm:  Well I've had a relatively quiet afternoon.  Didn't do much.  Stew got home after work and we went up to the local college to check out our market site.
Then home for dinner.
Cold meats and salads like last night.

Now, watching some mindless TV before bed.


  1. Nothing like a good color job to lift your spirits.
    Sweet picture of your grand!

  2. Your paintings give me a happy vibe, they are so pretty. It is nice for you, Archie and your doggies that Archie visits so often. Even if the dogs are the star attraction, you get to see him too.

  3. Can you try to recreate that pose from yesterdays post. The hair swing, and the hand "just so".

  4. I love a good hairdresser! I have one of the very best but sadly she is off for months due to getting breast cancer. Her replacement is not nearly so good so it will be not so great haircuts and colouring until my hairdresser returns. God I hate a bad haircut! It's wonderful that Archie can be around your dogs - perhaps one day they will get a place where they too can have a dog but at least he has your two :)

  5. Love the hair, you look great :-)

  6. Kiwionholidays10:43 AM

    Fabulous hair Chris, you look like one of your daughters,,
    Seriously you look at least 10; years younger than what your birth certificate says,,

    Your hairdresser got her toning perfect
    Well done with the prezzies n the wee guy n the dog is priceless
    Enjoy your day

    Cheers 🥂

  7. Anonymous10:46 AM

    Love the hair and glad that you have found a really good hairdresser locally. Hopefully you will be able to do the same with a doctor!! Children and animals are so cute together. BTW, if you had smiled you would look TOTALLY beautiful in those last two photos - nearly there. Audrey

  8. Anonymous11:22 AM

    WOW WOW WOW kj

  9. Yep. Looks good. Keep going back.

  10. Love the hair, like it down around for face. Your grand sure does love that dog, I am sue he is pleased to come around and give him/her a cuddle.

  11. Wow, that cut and colour looks fantastic. She did a really great job. Little things like that can really lift your spirits and make you feel more like yourself again. I hope the market goes well for you - it would be great to clear some stock before the new year. Liz

  12. Hair looks awesome!

  13. Anonymous1:04 PM

    Hi your hair looks lovely, do you wear it out much?

    1. I only wear it out if I'm going out to a 'do' or party or similar. Otherwise I tie it up to keep it off my face. Not a fan of hair on my face at all.

  14. Absolutely gorgeous!

  15. LOVE LOVE LOVE the hair. Its so great when you find a good hairdresser. I've been going to the same girl for 10 years now. She is awesome too. Have a great day. Kristin :)

  16. Anonymous1:18 PM

    I love your Hair Cut and Colour, she really did a great job. Christine AUS XXXX

  17. Ya, I am NEVER excited about getting up early. No matter what. I prefer to sleep in as long as I dang well please.

  18. Hair looks so good and it makes your eye pop even more! Beautiful 😍

  19. Your hair is stunning !!

  20. The pictures are gorgeous, so is your new hair color, The paintings are fantastic. Glad things are feeling normal again.

  21. Anonymous4:44 PM

    Wow your hair is amazing! You must be so pleased. Nothing like a good hair cut/colour for a bit of a boost. Very well deserved too. M from the SI x

  22. Wow Chris beautiful beautiful you can clearly see your weight loss and I see a smidgen of Kelly there in that shot

  23. Love your hair - looking great Chris

  24. That is so good to hear, that things are feeling a little more normal, even if events are a little crazy in the background. Much love xxx

  25. Anonymous7:14 PM

    So glad you are feeling more at home Chris and your hair looks fantastic


  26. Hi there Chris ~ I don't have a blog but really enjoy reading yours. I seldom comment, but have to say how I admire you with all the recent events you have had to cope with. Your hair looks fabulous, it's such a great relief to find a hairdresser that does exactly what you asked for, it's a treasure to be saved and nurtured. Have a good, safe and successful market and a good weekend. Hugs from N.W. Italy, Ro xx

  27. Anonymous8:30 PM

    Your hair looks lovely, and the texture is beautiful! It looks silky smooth.

    Can really see the weight loss in your face as well. You look really good.

    Good to hear that you feel more settled again. You've been through a lot these last few months. Take it easy on yourself.

    A Fan in Canada

  28. The old Chris is back and looking beautiful. It is good to hear you feel more settled.

  29. Your hair is awesome. A very beautiful 'you' in both photos.
    Glad to hear you're settling down. Cross fingers that all your problems, from now on, will be little ones.
    You need the prace

  30. Your hair colour is beautiful. So good you are starting to feel settled it’s been such a long hard time for you

  31. Wow your hair is absolutely stunning Chris!

  32. Your hair looks lovely! Hope you find some peace for the stress. Take care.


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