Saturday, January 28, 2017


I spent 8 solid hours making the new valance for my bed yesterday.

I finally got it finished and back on the bed at 11.20 pm last night.

And it looks... HIDEOUS.

Far, far too much gathering.  And it was a wee bit short, so I sewed some white lace along the bottom.  HUGE MISTAKE.  It looks like something my Grandmother would have had on her bed back in 1908.

So today will be spent unpicking the bloody thing and changing tack. A few BIG tucks along each side and end and nothing else.  I will add some of the same fabric to the length so it's not too short.

I think it will take me a few hours to unpick it all.  If not all day.  

I might even break it up into two days, so I can actually spend some time with the family.

I'm not going to show you how it looks, I'm not going to share how awful it looks with anyone!

So that's me for the day... unless Stew has some plans of his own.  


ABOVE:  I changed my mind... I will share who awful it looks!
SEE?   Re...volting.

What an awesome day!  I gave up on the valance and went down to Briscoes and bought one:

ABOVE:  a very simple padded valance.  PERFECT.  I wasn't prepared to keep wasting my time and fabric trying to make one that I was happy with.  Briscoes were having a 60% off sale on bed linens, so SCORE!

Stew is down at the village green watching a local cricket team play another town... and I think I've talked him into joining the Cambridge 'Vintage' team!  Fingers crossed he does it, he really would enjoy being part of a sports team and getting to know people in our community.

The kids, Steve and I have enjoyed playing under the sprinkler this afternoon.  It's a stinkin' hot day!  Summer? Might be here.

Winding down for the evening.  Coronation Street is about to start... so I'm outta here.
Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. Oh my goodness! I am sorry you are not happy with the end result after all that work! You will be torturing us all (with curiosity) by NOT posting a picture. :) Maybe a before and after picture when it is finished - to show the vast improvement??? If you don't share a photo, that's okay too. You know we love your blog no matter what!

  2. Maria8:46 AM

    I'd just cut the stitching off as you are going to make it longer anyway, just add whatever you cut off to the extra length needed

  3. Anonymous9:26 AM

    Hi Chris, I made a bedskirt (valance) a few years ago. This how I did it: I bought a king size flat sheet and a mattress pad the size of my bed (queen). I cut the sheet lenghthwise to the measurement from top of the boxspring to the floor, plus 1 inch and sew the short ends together. I had one one really long panel. Using a ruffle foot on my machine, it gathered and sewed the panel at the same time to the edge of the mattress pad. Put a narrow hem on the bottom and you're done! The mattress pad goes on the box spring. This does not shift around or come undone because you use a mattress pad that is like a fitted sheet. Hope this gives you the idea and makes sense. Really enjoy your blog and seeing your beautiful family! Take Care, Carol in IL USA

  4. Ugh I hate when that happens!

  5. Gosh, after all that effort yesterday putting the valance together you'd be so disappointed that it wasn't what you wanted it to look like.

  6. Wah! Not the best is it??? *smiles*. The blue is a pretty colour tho xxx

  7. Its darling!
    You are so talented.

  8. Oh no... I actually typed out a comment yesterday to say not to gather it, but to make a pleated one - very simple. But then I thought I shouldn't interfere... wish I had now. Glad you are changing it - plain and simple is best. That way you don't need so much fabric either.

  9. personally I don't think the gathering looks that bad, just the lace that dates it.

  10. Anonymous2:36 PM

    I think it looks really nice :) I wish I could sew..... me and sewing machines just don't get along.


  11. Very hot and summery up here in the Far North, too! I just came across a post on another blog about using alcohol inks - just in case you might find it interesting:

  12. That is so annoying when you put a lot of time into something and then it doesn't work out the way you imagined. I do like the one you bought.

  13. OK, not you have bought that lovely valance I think you could use the fabric you gathered to make a similar one (but change of colour). I do like the one you have bought :)

  14. good choice on the valance......

  15. Ummmmm what a pain that wasted hours BUT you wont do that again ....... love the new blue one though It's me Blondie


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