Monday, January 23, 2017


ABOVE:  Didn't Steve do a great job!  I'm really happy with my display stand.  Once I've got some coaster sets made, they will sit in front on the table too. 

I will have a 2nd trestle table set up for the Trivets.  They will just lie on the table on a slight tilt, using some small strips of wood to rest them on.

Now I need to make some Price Signs.  I'm not going to put an individual price on everything, just a sign saying 'Large $25, Small $15 and so on.  

I am going to make myself a name sign too... but that's a work in progress.

Right, I'm off to get the day started... Miss Muppet to kindy then some serious housework!


9.09 am:  And I just ordered the coaster tiles... and they 'should' be here by Wednesday!  Which means I might be able to get some sets made and ready by Monday, in time for the craft fair!
How cool!!!

Oh I forgot to say the other day.  The Council Enforcement officer talked to our neighbours about their roaming chickens being a nuisance, and she told them they would be in breach and would be prosecuted and fined if their chickens kept being a nuisance!  His reply?  "I will take that on board".  Hmmm.

OMG... cleaning!  I went and bought a LONG mop... as in, has a long mop head... and I'm cleaning the walls.  If you only spot clean, you end up with patchy looking walls.

So, I'm doing all the walls of the hallways and some of the living rooms.    Brylee is TRYING to clean the doors and frames.  I say 'trying' cos her idea of cleaning and mine are TOTALLY different.  Of course.

Teenagers.  They try to do the bare minimum.  Doesn't work with me sadly for them.  Griffin had to vacum the family room like... 3 times!  lol

AND I helped him by putting everything up off the floor so it was an easy run.  Derrr.

Thankfully, we ARE getting there.  I reckon in an hour or so the main cleaning will be done.  Then I can actually relax.  And so can the kids.  Today, they have earned their pocket money.

Well... the rest of our day was quiet.
I cooked pork belly and veges for dinner.
Quiet evening spent watching a new programme, 'Our Girl'.  So far, it's so-so.


  1. He certainly did do a great job. A great way display. Good luck with the fair.

  2. Wow he's a clever sausage isn't he? Very professional! Really looks great.

  3. WOW how fantastic! It's perfect xxxx

  4. The stand is excellent! I do quite a few craft shows in the run up to Christmas and that is one of the best stands I've seen. Presentation means so much and I don't think you have to worry about that!

  5. "I will take that on board" is corporate speak for "Whatever" or "I don't give a shit". Start googling how to kill & pluck a chicken :-).

    Love the stand, looking forward to seeing it all next Monday :-).

    1. I already know how to do that... ya chop off their heads and tie their leg to the clothesline, then watch them flap! My dad used to do that to turkeys! Gutting and plucking chickens should be so much easier than a bloody turkey, that's for sure. Ikkky job that.

      I agree, him saying "I will take that on board" was like saying 'whatever'.

    2. Ha ha, my dad didnt tie them to the clothes line he just let them run around the back yard. As kids we loved it but hated having to pluck them.

  6. Your stand looks fantastic, I love your creations :)

  7. Your booth will look very professional and colorful! Neighbor sounds like a creep. Oh - this sounds silly, but.... can you post a picture of this wall cleaning mop?!

  8. Wow that looks fantastic!

  9. Steve is very handy and the stand looks great the display is perfect and the colours very eyecatching Chicken a la ronge soon, chicken pie, fried chicken, roast chicken, chicken stir fry the possibilities are endless! It's me Blondie


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