Friday, January 27, 2017


Full day at Kindy for Keera today, which is good as I have a lot to get done today.

It's the last day of getting all the tiles ready for Monday.  I've got 6-7 coaster sets to put felt on the back of, then they are DONE.

And then I'm ready I think?  

Once that is done, I can finally get my sewing room set up again!

First on my list of 'to dos' is to make the valance for my bed.  And matching cushion covers, and toppers for the dressing tables and bedside drawers.  None of those should take too long.

I'm feeling quite excited about getting back into sewing.  On Monday night our local Patchwork Group starts up again.  I hope to take some hand work with me, as it's not a 'sewing machine' meeting, just a 'yakkity yak' meeting at someone's home.  

Steve and Bex are due here today, Steve is doing some work for a bloke up the road over the next few weekends.  

Right, I'm off to get Keera to Kindy then work on those tiles.


HA HA ha!!!  What was I thinking?  "It won't take LONG to whip up the valance and other bits n bobs?"  YEAH RIGHT.

I have spent the last 3 hours cutting out and sewing together strips of fabric for the valance!
NOW I have to pull up all the gathering threads to make the ruffle along the bottom... and then sew it to the new piece that goes under the mattress.

Far out.  I need to get it pinned before Bex and the boys get here... I've got it lying on the family room floor right now.

ABOVE:  Ready to start the gathering of that massive pile of fabric!  *sigh*... it WILL take a long time.

Oh yeah, I got all the coaster sets finished, there's 8 of them.  Didn't realise I'd done that many.  I hope they sell!

3.45 pm:  And I had just about finished the gathering when Bex and the boys arrived.  It took me 2.5 hours to gather it all ... now I'm taking a break and will sew it to the base fabric after dinner.  I'm knackered!

The sun is out in full force, not a cloud in the sky... SUMMER might be here for a few days?

Well, it's taken ALL day, but my new valance is almost finished. I just have to do the top stitiching and hem and it will be on my bed by tomorrow morning.

Time to unwind for the evening and enjoy Coronation Street later on.


  1. Have you ever had the chance to use a "gathering foot" to do the ruffle with? I have one but it is so darn complicated I get mad at it , but when I have enough sense to make it work -it does a wonderful job in minutes?

  2. Hope you got your valence all pined before 'the littles' arrived!!

  3. Gathering foot or elastic.... lot's of easier ways Chris!!!

  4. I had to look up the word valance in the dictionary. In school, we learned about valEnce electrons, that's what I looked up first by mistake.
    Have a great weekend and enjoy your projects! My project this weekend is patch the cracks in the driveway!

  5. Have a fun weekend. Enjoy all the company.

  6. I just learned a new trick of zig sagging over yarn. So much nicer to gather than pulling the threads.

  7. You have the patience of a saint really YOU have so much on the go all the time and yet ruffling ugh NOW I know why I DONT sew!! lol It's me Blondie


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