Thursday, January 26, 2017


Like yesterday, after I drop Keera at Kindy, I am taking my car to get something fixed.
This time it's the lower back bumper thingee.

The panel beaters had to wait for a part to arrived so they could finish the repair.  That's getting done at 8.30 this morning.

Another hour where I have to kill time.

Thank god for 2048 on my phone!  I 'play' that game whenever I am in a situation where I have to wait for something.  My score so far?  37 MILLION +!  Yep, I've been playing this particular game for about 4 months now.

It's quite amazing when you think that you have to build that number up by 2's and 4's!

After I pick Keera up at lunchtime, we are going to do the grocery shopping.  I'm going to drag the big kids with me so they can help.   No way am I going to do it all on me own if I don't have to.


So... I drop off the kid and get down to the panel beaters at 8.25 am.
They tell me it will take at least an hour to do the job, maybe longer.  Would I like a lift home, and they will bring the car back when they have finished with it?

I said 'No, I will wait in the office', so they let me into the office to sit and wait.
I play 2048 some more.
And wait.

And wouldn't you know it... the car is ready in 25 minutes!  So much for taking over an hour.  Do ya reckon me sitting in their office hurried them up?  I reckon.

I get home, and spray varnish on the coaster sets I made yesterday.  Hopefully by the end of the day I will have them finished, felt on the back and DONE.

I've been mucking around with my display tables.  I think I've got them exactly how I want them, signs displayed in the right places and so on.

It's not just a 2 second job I tell ya!

ABOVE:  Do they look alright?  Kate and Tracy, I've just used your tiles for spacing ... I'm NOT selling them!

Well an excellent afternoon has been had.
Getting the kids to help with the shopping was such a good idea.  We got around the supermarket and home again in 2 hours.  Over $900 poorer!  I told ya we had no food in the house!  

It's a late dinner for us tonight as the kids and I didn't  get lunch till 3.30.  Keera has been fed though, she is a bottomless pit when it comes to food during the day.  Not so good with veges at dinner time though.  She loves her meat that kid!

I'm going to start making meatloaf with HEAPS of veges in it... just like I have done in the past for other kids who won't eat their veges.  Smother it in tomato sauce and they don't know the difference. 

Looking forward to a fairly quiet evening.


  1. Whirly Word is another good one to download to kill time :-)

  2. Omg love the tiles very colourful.

  3. Your display looks great !
    I got my husband hooked 2468 when you first mentioned it on your blog and he still loves it.

  4. Love the display it looks professional and lovely & colourful :-).

  5. Anonymous2:31 PM

    Are you paying tax on these?

    1. Is it any of your business if she is or not. She has to earn over a $$$$$$ amount first to have to pay.

  6. OH my god some people have nothing better to do that mind other people business. Wtf has it got to do with u if Chris sells a million tiles it's still nothing to do with you madam busy body

  7. Oh dear, tax on these... I'm pretty sure you are allowed to earn quite a few thousand in NZ before you have to pay tax.

    You are not charging enough though for the framed ones - should be $20 for small and $30 for large AT LEAST.

  8. I think the other poster who mentioned tax probably meant to ask if are you charging sales tax on these? In many countries you have to charge sales tax on anything you sell and turn it over to the government. If sales tax is mandatory in NZ then your price signs should indicate if tax is included in the sale or if it is extra.

    1. I love your optimism, I am pretty sure "Anonymous" is insinuating Chris is earning money from her craft work and should be paying income tax. If you can earn enough from 3 sales to online friends and a one off stall at a church craft fair then I am in the wrong damn job :-)

    2. You need to see how this kid is able to make
      over $2000 a month selling pictures he took
      with his camera!

      He lays out exactly how you can do it too!
      This page might not be up for much longer
      so you need to check it out right now.

  9. Tiles look awesome! Good work Aunty!

    1. Anonymous5:27 PM

      hayyyyyyy kiwi girl, how are you, thanks for the loves the other day xxxxxxxoooooooo
      Hope you are doing well :)

      love the crazy one xx

    2. All well over here chicky👍🏻
      Sending my love to you xx

    3. Anonymous10:07 PM

      thanks cuz sending love back xx ��

  10. Tall poppy syndrome hard at work ONCE chris has recouped costs and is selling to make a profit she can in fact earn alot before declaring ..... It's me Blondie..


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