Thursday, January 19, 2017


Yep, heading back to the pool this morning.  
I love being in the pool, and of course, so many of the people doing aqua fit are just lovely.

I ate too much yesterday, feel rotten about that.  So, damage control today/tomorrow.

Now that I've got all my tiles ready for the craft fair, I'm tempted to get my sewing machine out and do some sewing.
I've missed it heaps.

I will be working on making a valance for my bed first and foremost.  

And that's me day for now.


AND.... decision made. No aqua today ... I've got a killer headache.  I am almost seeing double it's that awful.

So, some pain meds then sit still for a while.  Maybe later I can get into my sewing room?

So... I had a two hour nap, then went into town.  Talked to the council about chickens.  They basically said we/they couldn't do anything about roaming chickens.  BUT, she has informed the enforcement officer, and he will go and talk to them about keeping their chickens in their own yard.

After that, the kids and I went into Hamilton and I bought some small tiles to make some coasters with.  Then we had lunch at McDonalds, with Lacy in tow too.

Then we came home.

ABOVE: The girls chillin, watching Dora The Explorer!  How thrilling.  NOT.

I made 4 sets of 4 coasters, in different colour ways.  Paula, maybe one set will suit you?
I will get them varnished tonight, then show you tomorrow.

Dinner tonight, sausages, lettuce salad and potato wedges.  Sounds good.

The evening didn't go as planned.  Some details tomorrow.

Off to bed, it's now 1.03 am.  


  1. Hope you are feeling better soon, I think you could probably do with a quiet day today just to recover from the stresses. Look after yourself :-)

  2. Hope you're feeling better after your headache. After 35 years of migraines menopause hit and I haven't had a migraine for nearly 5 years!! The girls are looking very serious watching Dora!

  3. *Squeals* .... Am very excited to hear you are making coasters! I would love to buy some from you. They would be for our coffee table in our lounge, which is rimu. Our lounge suite is blue, so probably if you have any in the cooler type colours (i.e. blues, pinks, purple) would be a better fit, rather than the warm colours (oranges, yellows etc). I'm sure I'll love whatever you come up with - and would love to buy a couple of trivets too to use on the coffee table too when serving food. (We don't have a kitchen table or dining table in our wee flat). I'm so excited!! Thank you so much Chris!

    I hope you're feeling better as the day goes on.

    1. No... I'm fine now. But back where I was yesterday due to complications. *sigh* no doubt here for hours again. Grrrrr. More later... on PEPSI.

  4. We may or may not be coming back to NZ in Jan 2018...... :P I may like a set of those coasters myself... lol

  5. Anonymous9:43 PM

    See the orders for coasters coming in already lovely colourways there too... ouchy double vision headaches that's not cutey... It's me Blondie.


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