Tuesday, August 30, 2016


Yaaa, today is Hamilton Patchwork day.
I've got half a dozen blocks ready to sew together, so that's what I will be doing in class.

I am taking Lacy into Hamilton so she can attend her physiotherapy appointment.
Hopefully she gets some relief from it... her shoulder/neck are still very sore.  I will pick her up after my class.

CRANKY:  Re your idea of having different colours in the centres of the blocks.  I will do a mock up of that idea further down the track and see how it might look.  I'm always open to other ideas.  *smiles*

So... that's about all for now.  Catch ya later.
Have a nice day.


3.41 pm:  And here's a very late update on my day!
Patchwork class was really nice today... A lady in the class came up to me and asked me if I had ever lived in Hamilton?  Of course I said YES... and it transpired we had worked together over 16 years ago!  

I was working with a special needs child in primary school, and I took that child for braille lessons with this lady!  So we have a nice little catch up.

After class I came home and did some more sewing.  I managed to get two dresden plates stiched up.   I thought I would need to make 63 blocks, but these ones are coming out larger than my first quilt... so I won't be making 63 after all.

I will have to work out how many I do need to make once I've made a few more and measured it out.

ABOVE:  I'm starting to think I might need to put 'something' in the centre of each one?  A button?  Or a yo-yo?  Thinking, thinking...

10.38 pm:  *yawn*.... everyone has gone to bed, and I'm thinking about heading that way myself.  But I might just go into my sewing room and potter around for a little while. 
I'm really getting me sewing groove back, FINALLY.


  1. Anonymous2:40 PM

    Good to know he Wifi works in Sydney.... have a great day mum..

  2. Loving this look and don't think you need anything in the centre. Glad yu enjoyed class again.

  3. Anonymous8:40 PM

    Not sure what a yo-yo is :-) A button would look good, although sizing may be an issue. Could you put in an additional small circle in the fabric of the contrast/darker panel?

  4. What about self covering fabric buttons in the centre

  5. It doesn't need anything in the centre Chris. Wait till you've got them all sewn up. Make the centres different blues or the darker colour on every 2nd oine. It's gorgeous as it is.

  6. A yoyo would be cool!

  7. Plain button colour contrast do all 3 mix it up but in a pattern lol. Amazing memory that lady has and what a surprise see you are meeting and reconnecting with people.


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