Tuesday, May 17, 2016


I'm still buzzing with happiness!

Today I am going out to buy some really lovely wine to have tonight.
Jacqui from Tauranga is staying the night tonight, and Steve and Bex are coming over too.  We can have a really good chin wag, and sip (NAH Skull)... some wine.  *smiles*

I've got a few more photos of the house, but they are 'screen grabs' from the website, so not that good.

 ABOVE: This is the front of the house, not exactly pretty... but I will make it look better with pots and plants eventually.

Stew wants to put a carport to the right for his car, as my car and the gym equipment will be in the garage.
I bet I can make a carport look pretty!  *smiles*

 ABOVE:  this is the 'back' of the house, where it's all happening!  There is a lovely BIG back yard.  Heaps of room.  We will probably put in more fruit trees and a grape vine or two.

There is so much we can do to this place to make it ours.

 ABOVE:  the floor plan.  The bedroom up by the front entrance is going to be my sewing room.  The bedroom next to the family bathroom will be the 'spare' bedroom for guests.

 ABOVE:  this is the big kitchen/dining/family room.  We will make this our 'lounge'.  
I'm already placing furniture in my head!

Did I mention we get to keep the big Fridge/Freezer too?  How cool is that.  It's plumbed in, so comes as a bonus.  I think it produces ice or chilled water, not sure yet.

ABOVE: this is the smaller, separate lounge, which will be for the kids. 

I hope you have enjoyed this sneak peek of our new home.


ABOVE:  Really, really nice wine!  It's the same as the wine the estate agent who sold our house gave us... I'd never had it before... probably because it is freakin' expensive!  
But I felt the occasion warranted it.  I've also got two other bottles of wine... but less expensive ones.

I looked at beds today, we need one for the spare bedroom.  Every time someone leaves home we let them take their bed, so we are a bit short on beds.  lol

I'm going to be having so much fun soon, getting our new home just how I like it. *smiles*

We still don't have a moving date, that will depend on when the owners of our new house can find a rental to move into.  Hopefully it won't take long.

I popped in and visited Bex and the boys too this morning. Dante is like Stew, coughing and feeling ikkk.
Hopefully they both improve soon.  

MORE GOOD NEWS:  Our purchase has gone UNCONDITIONAL.  Which means the house really is ours... 100%.

I can now breathe ... and move on with packing up our house, organising the move, the kid's schooling, dogs, insurance, bla bla bla.  *huge smiles*

Well a lovely evening, had a wine, lots of yakking... spoke to 'the boyfriend'... and then said nite nite to his wife!  She's sleeping in Brylee's room tonight.
Bry is on a mattress on the floor in the family room. *smiles*


  1. It looks really lovely :D congratulations!

  2. It looks beautiful. I am so glad it is a one story, stairs are a pain as you get older.

  3. Barbara Anne7:13 AM

    Cheers for such a lovely, spacious, and perfect new home for you - and built of brick with a tile roof, too. Did you actually write that your offer was accepted and the house is yours before that last sentence in your post? I was on pins and needles hoping you were happy because the house offer was accepted.

    Remember to do some happy dancing!

  4. I think this house really is a blank canvas for you Chris! I like the idea of making the family room the lounge and having a separate one for the kids. That location of the sewing room is perfect too! yay for being able to keep the fridge. You'll be pottering around forever putting furniture here and there to get it just right - then moving it... hehe... I've read your blog too long :)

    Could I suggest (if it's not there already) a Sellwood attic ladder in the garage. We have one and you can easily use the stairs to access the attic area for storage - it's a fantastic thing and they are not too expensive.

    Exciting times for you, I'm so happy that it's sorted :)

  5. Christine9:13 AM

    OMG! What a surprise! I seem to hav e caught the last two updates out of order. So I saw the house before you said you got one! I am so happy for you. This house seems like it can be decorated any old way. It can be funky, or traditional, or whatever! It is a timeless design that will never go out of style. It is completely open to any decorating scheme. But ya, I agree.... add some plants outside. Do you get snow in New Zealand? I am wondering why you need a carport. But - I just reralized, you might need shade as much as I need to keep snow off my car! Congratulations! It looks great!

  6. Anonymous9:31 AM

    Wow!it looks huge! Congratulations Chris & Stew, you will make it your own in no time :)
    Sharnee, Melbourne.

  7. Congratulations.
    Lovely home.
    Now facing all the moving (smiles)

  8. Thanks so much for the peek! I love looking at house photos and imagining where I would put furniture etc.My main bedroom is down the back like yours and its fantastic. I dont hear my adult kids coming or going at all during the night. Congrats again!

  9. oh guys I am so thrilled for you "a place to call home" wahoo

  10. Beautiful!!! Congratulations!!!

  11. Love to see you so happy, now to make your new house your home xx

  12. Delighted for you all and love the floor plan.

  13. What a beautiful home. YAY

  14. Awesome news, Chris. Congrats to you both. The place looks great. Yay you can relax a bit or at least some if the stress is gone. Enjoy your wine.

  15. Anonymous12:09 PM

    Congrats Chris I am so very happy for you. This house is lovely and I can see you making it a warm loving home in no time. It will be very exciting to follow along as you make it your.

  16. I've just caught up with your news, yay for you! So glad the hunt is finally over. What a lovely big house and back garden, just waiting for you and stew to make it a home.

  17. The house is gorgeous & will be even more so once you have your own beautiful things in it.

  18. So happy for you!!! Looking forward to seeing it come to life as yours!!!

  19. And so the New Adventure begins! Now for Stew to get better so he can be up to the move. Congrats! It is a beautiful home and you guys deserve it. Can't wait to see you transform it into your own.
    Is there any close neighbors?

  20. Fabulous news!!!

    Congratulations, all your hard work has finally paid off and you have a beautiful new home. :)



  21. So very happy for y'all! House looks wonderful! Can't wait to see it when you get all moved in and can look like yours!

  22. Anonymous6:42 PM

    Great News, congratulations, can't wait to see you personalise your new home with all your treasures. Heather

  23. The house looks amazing! Thanks for sharing. I bet your dying to get going and place all your lovely things in each room! Hope Stew is feeling better. Enjoy the posh wine!!!

  24. Wow wow wow I love it and I CANT WAIT to see the changes and shossing you will do with splashes of colour and all YOUR things out I have a feeling once you put all your stuff in YOU may be shopping for more it is gorgeous ..... and only going to get more gorgeous.....

  25. Awesome news and its so great to hear you sounding happy again :)

  26. So happy for you Chris. What a stunning property! It's the type of house I can only dream of! So lovely! And the best bit is that it is a blank slate right now, with so much you can do inside and out to make it truly "yours". Nice one kid!!

  27. Just catching up on your news from the last couple of days and thrilled to read you have gone unconditional on your new house. Such a stressful time for so long and now you all can finally move on to your new life. Such an exciting time now. Your new home looks fabulous and I look forward to seeing your own photos when you are finally in.

  28. Lovely new home! Are they Blue cupboards in the kitchen by any chance??


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