Sunday, May 22, 2016


But a different market this time.
We are going out to Clevedon this time.  They have a market every Sunday, and it's usually full of stalls of various types, not just garden produce.

Hopefully the man who makes lovely wooden kitchen boards and the like will be there.

Yesterday I forgot to mention we had visitors from Taupo and Auckland City...

ABOVE: Sharon (in red) and her son Samuel and his girlfriend.  The two kids live in the city, while Sharon still lives in Taupo.

Sharon was up for a wedding and to visit the kids.  It is always lovely when friends call in.

ABOVE: Tallulah went right out of character, and was all loving and friendly... here she is sprawled on Samuel's lap!  Little hussy.  *smiles* 

ABOVE:  Talking of laps... two little boys who clearly love their granddad, and love being on his lap. 

 ABOVE: Archer is mesmerised.... with...

 ABOVE:  The fire.  Too cute.

 ABOVE:  Steve and Bex playing rough and tumble on the floor...

 ABOVE:  You can't see it in this photo...

 ABOVE:  But in this one you can.  Archer did not like his parents playing rough and tumble... nope, not at all!  Awwww poor bubba.

Right, that's all for now... fingers crossed we find that woodworker at the market.


2.19 pm:  Well we went to Clevedon, visited both markets out there. 

 ABOVE: This one has stalls of crafts, plants etc.
We didn't see anyone selling wooden boards... but did see (and bought) these:

ABOVE: Old boots painted and uses as planters.  We got these two for our new front door entrance.
Even if they fade over time, they were dead cheap!

ABOVE: very cute.  *smiles*
After the craft market, which took all of 5 minutes to get around, we decided to head over to the Clevedon Farmers Market.
We hadn't been before.

ABOVE: It had a very good crowd there, but it was all fresh food, produce and stalls selling food to eat there.
There were some really lovely smelling stalls I can tell you!

After that, we decided to drive over to WestGate in Henderson. There's a big craft shop there.
But again, we did not find what we were looking for.  A big wooden board for the kitchen bench.  We do have one, but two would be better.

We had lunch at the new mall out there, thankfully it wasn't as busy as Sylvia Park or Manukau mall.  

Now that we are home I am going to load my car with more stuff to take down to Hamilton storage tomorrow.

We are expecting Marty, Jacqui and their two kids for dinner.  They are doing BYOD!  

Lovely evening spent with our dear friends.  They stayed for dinner then headed home to Tauranga.


  1. Anonymous11:22 AM

    Naw my scrumy little men. ☺ arnt they the cutiest. Love this photo.
    Mumma bex xx

  2. Love the boys matching jackets.

  3. Isn't that funny how babies do not like to see their parents tussling???? My babies always cried , but when they big enough to know it was play then they dived in head first. lol So glad to see that Steve and Bex still can play!

  4. Those two little boys are just so cute. Love the planter boots.

  5. Anonymous8:40 PM

    Erh excuse me but what does BYOD mean? We are not all cool yet!!��
    Carol O

  6. I love the boot planters, so cute!

  7. I remember the days of rough and tumble lol. Ahh to be young ;)

  8. Gee Tallulah sure did look sprawled out, and comfy those boots are the funkiest things.... bright and so cute. Aww poor Archer shows he has caring and empathy.... wonder what goes through their little minds?


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