Saturday, November 07, 2015


The weather is starting to get really nice here.
Summer really is just around the corner.
I wish I was looking forward to it, but my hot flushes get so much worse over summer.

I think I will be lolling in the spa pool (cold water) a lot.

The house is a bit of a pig's sty, so today I want to get it tidy again, so there is less to do tomorrow.

We will be staying home this morning, and hopefully going out after lunch.

As we didn't get to walk on the beach yesterday with Dante, perhaps we can today.

I was talking to me Mum yesterday, and I told her I was doing a little bit of pottery, and she was really happy.
She has quite a bit of my pottery ... sounds like way more than me even!  I only have about 3-4 pieces left.

Anyway, she reminded me I used to make little outhouses too.  So I think I will be making a couple of those soon. They are just like my houses, just smaller, with a long drop inside!  They were rather cute.

Feeling quite keen to make some now.

My patchwork may just have to wait a wee bit longer.  *smiles*

Here's Stew telling a little story from yesterday:

ABOVE:  we thought it was really funny.

 ABOVE: Steve, Archer and Dante playing... wee Archer was having a blast.

ABOVE:  here he is concentrating on playing with his two bottom teeth, which took ages to finally erupt.  Bex isn't that thrilled he's now got teeth!  lol

ABOVE: Bloody hell!   We have another carpet chewer!  Tallulah has been ever so good lately, she hasn't chewed on my rug in ages!  Now Archer is giving it a go.  Grrrrr.

OK... I'm off to get the family working... vacuming, washing on, bla bla bla.


2.48 pm:  and we got the housework all done, and Stew has taken a final load of stuff to the dump.  Hopefully that's it for dump runs!

We got visitors today.
Lacy and Keera came for lunch.
Keera will be staying here with us for a week.
Lacy is staying with family in Hamilton for now... she's between homes at the moment.
Hopefully she can sort her shit out and get settled again soon.

In the meantime, we shall help out when we can by having Keera to stay with us.

It will be lovely to spend some time with Keera.  We have not seen her since JUNE due to various reasons.  Such a long time!

 ABOVE:  Keera had a haircut!  Someone cut off all her gorgeous curls!  So sad.  

ABOVE:  It's a bit scary seeing how thin Lacy is.  She's not looking after herself properly, but there is nothing we can do about it.  What she needs is some good home cooking!  I know how to fatten people up... lol!

Moving on... once Stew gets back from the dump we shall probably just stay home for the rest of the day, it's a bit late to be going to a beach for a walk now.
And tomorrow is another Open Home day... so no chance then either.

*sigh*   Stew is on his way to pick up Steve and take him to hospital.  Looks like he's hurt his ankle badly at work.  

Now I have to cook dinner!  Bugger.  lol

End of Day:  watching Coro Street ... Keera is a right little chatterbox... but it's so lovely to have her here.
Signing off early tonight.... got stuff to do.
nite nite


  1. I near wet myself "you spilt ya tea" he is a treasure to have in your life and thank you for Sharing some of those little moments of joy with us xxx

  2. Oh Stew, loved the story. I cracked up, so funny. Why do they have to grow up?

  3. Loved Stew telling the story. You can hear and see the love he has for his grandkids.

  4. Anonymous12:55 PM

    My husband and I both listened to the story by Stew, and we both laughed and smiled!!! What a precious story!

  5. Boys and their imaginations. So funny!!

  6. Awww! Such a sweet story! Your Stew is such a loving granddad :)

  7. Stew is the best! I love how Dante listened patiently to his story ... love your family! SO happy you get to see Keera and Lacy! Can't believe how big Keera is getting. Adorable :)
    ~Nicole in CA

  8. Keera is as cute as always and I am sure she will love being with you for the week. Gosh Archer is so much like Dante! hugs, Lou

  9. Love Keera's smile!! Hope Steve is OK.

  10. OH! It's so great to see Lacy and Keera in the blog! I missed some posts so I was quite perplexed reading the stories of the broken ankle and Keera visiting in reverse order. I hope Steve heals quickly. And I hope being out of work won't be a major financial burden for them! Keera looks darling!

  11. Keera is adorable. Enjoy your time with her:)

  12. Crack up story. Keera is so grown up with her curls gone cute smiles enjoy your visit with her.


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