Wednesday, November 11, 2015


If I had my doubts about IF Tallulah is pregnant, I don't have any doubts now!

After her grooming, it was fairly obvious she has put on weight, in the belly:

ABOVE:  exciting!   She may not look big to you, but to my eye she's already showing heaps!  I now think we will be having a good sized litter.
Bugger.  I was hoping for only a few pups, which would have made my job easier over summer!

So... now we wait and see.  I will be getting her an x-ray in week 9 to find out how many she is having... so we know how many to expect during her labour.  

I can't get over how quickly she has popped out in the past couple of days, seriously!  From being worried she wasn't pregnant to now!

Last night my friend Sharon (Blondie on blogger) finally got back into blogger and could read and comment on my blog again.  She had been 'missing' for about 3 months.  
She went NUTS and read my blog for hours... and left heaps of comments too:

ABOVE: I think she started leaving comments around 8.30 pm, and when I went to bed at 11.11 pm she was STILL leaving comments!

She said she was going to have a big catch up... she wasn't kidding!  *smiles*

Thanks Chick... you always make my day.

Sorry I ain't gunna answer all ya questions!

-The clay houses get fired as is, then once they are fired I can add an oxide wash and fire them again so they just look 'aged' kinda.  You will see once they are finished.

I don't want to do pretty colours, they are rustic houses.

- I got a new tattoo ages ago... the words "Never Stop Dreaming" with a little anchor.  Did you not see it?  Stew got a fantail.

Right, that's all from me for now... off to do something with the day... and Miss Keera.


1.38 pm: And all is quiet. Keera is having a nap and I'm  having me lunch. 
We went down to Manukau this morning to get a Christmas present (have to post it to Aussy), and a smallish fan for me to use in the lounge.

I got one from Mitre 10, came home and had a go at assembling it.  And of course, I couldn't do it.
NOT because I'm a dick, but because one of the screws that had to be unscrewed in order to get the fan guard on,  would not unscrew, it just spun around and around.

So I had to get back in the bloody car and go back didn't I.  Grrrr.

The shop replaced it no problem, but I wasn't leaving the shop until the replacement was assembled and plugged in.  I wan't going to get home and find the thing wouldn't go!

Luckily it did go, so we came home after that.

Not much else is on my agenda for now.  Keera will probably sleep for an hour or two, so I shall enjoy the break.  Man that child can talk, and talk, and talk!  Or sing.  It's nice when she's singing!

So Miss Muppet slept for 3 hours!  If I'd known  she was going to sleep that long I would have done some sewing.  But I didn't.

It's been a fairly do nothing sorta day... and Keera has been getting a bit bored.  So tomorrow we will go visiting.

End of Day:  Having a 3 year old with boundless energy is ... exhausting!  (for a grumpy old Grandma) lol
Will be happy to get into my bed tonight.
nite nite


  1. Anonymous8:11 AM

    Speaking of your tattoo - did you ever get the dot over the "I" filled in? I've had trouble leaving comments - hope this one posts! I miss seeing Bex and the kiddos everyday since they moved out - you and Bex have such a great relationship. Take care!
    Christine in Kansas

    1. No I didn't get the dot! It wasn't that much of a biggie for me. Maybe oine day I will.

  2. Her belly is big! Lots of puppy love!

  3. My daughter bred her husky not too long after, I'm interested to see how she does too!

    1. Wow husky puppies, I hope all goes well once they arrive. Do show us them too!

  4. Waves enthusiastically it wasn't a fluke I made it back I remember those tattoos thought you might have got more MY PREDICTION for puppy names RUGBY NAMES from the current 2015 ALL BLACKS... lol I did enjoy catching up got t bed well after midnight!! I must let on though I did text Chris a couple of times to explain why I was stuck out of blogger ( I am not very techno minded).. at least I can leave comments at a reasonable hour.

    1. Your's a nutter! But a lovely one... of course. I have names for the next litter of puppies, and they are not RUGBY NAMES sorry.
      You will find out at a later date. *smiles*

    2. awwwww come on Faumina, Fekitoa, Savea, Milner-Skudder, Nonu, I mean how could you not hehe

    3. Ha Ha Ha! Richie, Dan the man, Ma'a, Sonny..... YEAH RIGHT.... what would I name the girls?????


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