Saturday, November 21, 2015


When Stew got home from work last night he suggested we move the table and chairs into the end of the lounge, so we did that.  I'm happy with the result.

ABOVE: now we have a dedicated dining area (inside the house), a kitchen/family room, a lounge and an 'Archgola lounge room' too.
All clearly defined and looking nice ... with no clutter.

ABOVE:  The 'Family Room'.

NO CLUTTER.  OMG this place no longer looks like my house.  

When we move (eventually) I am going to have so much fun CLUTTERING up my HOME with all my stuff again.  It will be like Christmas unpacking all my boxes of 'stuff'!  *smiles*

I'm feeling a bit better today, thank god.  
Stew is taking me shopping for a nice basket to put the toys in ... they used to be in a cane basket, but I gave it to Bex I think.

We shall find something perfect for this gap:

ABOVE:  We shall be going out a bit later on to find the perfect toy basket for that empty corner.

Well... Stew found THE PERFECT basket for us in The Importer.... and a lovely tablecloth for our shrunk down dining table too!

Oh and we got another picture to replace the whitboard in the Family Room too... like we needed another picture! But, it is more in keeping with the others in the living rooms.

We are now having some lunch at Sylvia Park before heading home.  It's a bloody MAD HOUSE here... so many people!

3.15 pm:  Finally home... and so glad to be too.  Every man and his dog is out today!    Must be because it's a crappy wet day.
We passed two nose to tail crashes on the motorway on our way home... wet weather gets them everytime.

So... here's some photos:

ABOVE: The dining table with it's new tablecloth, and I've also 'dressed' it for the Open Home tomorrow with our dinnerware.

 ABOVE: the new picture in the family room.  I know it's 'PERSONAL' and not neutral, but I just can't have my house totally devoid of character!

ABOVE:   Ha ha!  What we actually went out for!  It's perfect.  Totally ♥LOVE♥ it.  And now we have somewhere to put the toys for when kids come to visit. 

So right now I'm home alone as Stew and the kids have gone down to the Manukau mall for something... don't know what.  
Bliss... might just put me feet up for a mo...

End of Day:   Yaaa, a nice day today. It's nice having Stew home on the weekend.  OH and Steve, Bex and the boys called in this morning too... so kisses and cuddles from them always cheer me up.
Time for bed.
nite nite


  1. Penny9:16 AM

    The house looks great (I mean in unimaginative terms, but hey!) - you have done an excellent job. I am so glad you are in better spirits today. I know what you mean about being in a bad mood on your own - it can really fester! Hope today is a good day. Hugs, Penny xo

  2. agree with Penny, the house is looking good. I love that toy basket --- we need about 20 of them!!!

  3. I love your new artwork. Cute and funny.

  4. Like all your purchases and the way you've set the house up. Sending positive wishes that you'll sell the house soon.

  5. I love the toy basket. I hope you get some interest with the changes you have made to your 'home' tomorrow

  6. Hope the open home goes well tomorrow. Hhhmmm wonder Wat they went out for. Coro was sad tonight

  7. Anonymous2:26 PM

    Your dining room table is mission style, and that is the style of our dining room table and side board too~ Looks very pretty with the cloth and candles~


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