Thursday, November 05, 2015


Well... can you believe it... I've run outta clay!
So first up for today I'm going over to Botany for another bag, so I have something to do in class tonight.

Once I get home, I'm going to work on the little wall hanging.  I don't want to pot, I can do that tonight.

I'm starting to wonder about Tallulah.  She is 4 weeks along... IF she's pregnant.  I thought she might be 'showing' a bit by now... but nope.  She's not got a belly at all.  Shit I hope she has fallen pregnant.  
As I often say, time will tell.  But I will be gutted if she's not expecting puppies.  I'm so looking forward to puppies!

It's Guy Fawkes night tonight.  We don't go out and buy heaps of fireworks, we can't bear to send money up in flames (Last year Steve did!).  One day we might go to a public display ...because fireworks are awesome of course.  I hope the weather is kind for those who are outside tonight, it's supposed to piss down!

Right, that's me for now... short and sweet for today.


1.02 pm:  well I've had a good morning. I picked up a new bag of clay then came home and did housework.   For a few hours in fact.  
I don't know how there can be so much to do when I have this house so freakin' clean and tidy ALL THE TIME!

So, now I'm watching Home and Away, then I will get my box of pottery stuff ready for tonight.
AND sort out dinner for the family.

Oh and so much for the weather forecast!  It's a perfect summer day, so no rain tonight by the look of it!

We are having a little visitor tonight.  Dante is coming for the night to give Bex a break.  Archer is teething and keeping her awake all night, so she's shattered.  We will be having Dante tomorrow as well... which we are thoroughly looking forward to.

Pottery was nice tonight, the ladies (and tutor) were nice to be around.
Stew managed just fine at home the kids and Dante.

Talking of Dante, he stayed up until Brylee and Griffin went to bed.  Then he wasn't so sure about staying here anymore and wanted to go home.
But once he was in bed with is milo he was just fine.

Till midnight, when he decided to have a little cry.  So he sat on Granddad's knee watching TV and having a little yak for about 5 minutes, then he decided he wanted to go back to bed.  Yaa!

End of Day: off to bed, normal time for me... well after midnight.  I'm very much a night owl now days.
nite nite


  1. We're off to our fireworks display this evening, I'm a little sad because they don't even let you bring along sparklers for the kids anymore. That was always the highlight of bonfire night for me when I was a child. I'll get Nibsy some for at home but it's not the same without the atmosphere of the bonfire and fireworks. Hope you have a great day!

  2. Anonymous8:17 AM

    So glad you are enjoying your pottery! hugs~

  3. You might need to visit the vet for confirmation?

  4. Yay for Dante time, I hope the weather holds up & he gets to see some fireworks. Poor Bex, I hope Archer's teething settles down soon.

  5. Anonymous9:42 PM

    Thanks Tracy. I'm really hoping I get a good few hours sleep tonight. I have been getting up every hour last few weeks. This is first night away from my main man. Missing him but I no he's in really good hands ☺ and first time I have ever asked for help!

    Bex xx

    1. Good on you for asking for help. Lack of sleep is AWFUL. I get what I call "stupid tired" when I can barely string a coherent sentence so you are doing better than me. The good news as you know - it won't last forever :-)

  6. Yay for the little visitor!!! Nice for Bex to have one boy less - we do this every week with each of our boys.

  7. Not trying to be a pain, or know it all, but a lot pre schoolers have to have their teeth out because of decay. The dental nurses I have spoken to say that milo at bed time is one of the big causes, as it is very high in sugar, and the 'grittyness' of it sticks to their teeth. I would hate Dante to go through the pain of having teeth extracted.

    1. A. it was either milo... or DIET COKE. Which would you prefer? lol
      B. I've raised 8 kids so far, given all of them milo and they all have PERFECT TEETH. It's teaching your kids to brush morning and night that matters, not what you give them to drink.

  8. Sleepovers at Grandmas how cute chatting with Grandad, good on you for asking for help, I only need one late night and it takes me all week to get over it.


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