Monday, November 16, 2015


Two weeks ago it was getting BLOODY HOT... so I didn't think Tallulah would get cold with her coat cut really short.


The poor dog is freezing!  Shivering uncontrollably, so I got Griffin's electric blanket off his bed and put it in the dog's bed!
I can clean it later, it's waterproof and washable.

 ABOVE:  She's much happier in it than out, that's for sure.  Hopefully in a couple of weeks her hair will have grown enough to keep her warm again.

 ABOVE: Steve pausing before heading down the stairs to go home yesterday.  His foot throbs and pains him something rotten.

This afternoon he has an appointment at the Fracture Clinic in Greenlane, and then he will find out if he has to have surgery (still a possibility), a full cast, or a moonboot.  Of course he is hoping for a moonboot... much less inconvenient I think.

ABOVE:  You can see Archer's two front teeth!  He can bite... and knows it!
I put a cracker in his gob on Friday, thinking he would just slobber all over it... NAH!  He bit off a chunk and I had to go frantically fishing for it before he choked himself.  Derrr... I won't be doing that again for a while.

OH... here's our new Christmas Tree:

ABOVE:  it doesn't photograph that well... it's really nice.  It's called a Cherry Blossom Tree and I reckon I will be using it year round as a feature somewhere in the house...maybe! *smiles*

It sure looks good in our Archgola 'Dining Room'... it puts out heaps of light.

Today I'm going to dedicate to blog reading... well for as long as I can before me back and bum start to hurt! 


It's raining cats 'n' dogs.  I just hung the washing in the Archgola on racks.  Thank god for having somewhere dry to hang it.
The dogs haven't ventured out of their bed... I wish I was in bed too.

Sitting in front of the computer in the hallway... cold.  *sigh*

Tallulah just threw up .... luckily I managed to shoo her into the laundry first!  Ikkk.... morning sickness?  

ABOVE: One pissed off blackbird, sheltering from the rain.  Fat little bugger!  

8.12 pm:  and it's been raining on and off all day, which was good as the garden and lawn needed it.
Sounds like it's been raining everywhere.

I've had a quiet afternoon, and the evening will be too.  I ordered some more of the nautical fabric from Te Puna today, I now plan on making a single bed quilt with it.  

End of Day:  and I got quite a few blogs read today, so I did what I planned on doing.  I like days like that.
nite nite


  1. Sorry to hear that Chris.
    Was Brylee upset?
    Tallulah does look a little chilly.

    1. No as it was her who broke it off.

  2. I love the little Christmas tree! Gorgeous stuff!

    Hey! I wrote a blog post just for you with pictures. All about what leaves are like at our house. Enjoy!

  3. Anonymous8:24 PM

    How did Steve get on at the doctors?

    1. Shit forgot! He's now in a full cast up to his knee, no surgery (thank God) ... will be off work for at least 6 weeks or more. Lots of pain... but that's to be expected. Broken ankles/feet are the worst.

    2. Anonymous10:46 PM

      Good News to no surgery! Hope the pain eases soon.

  4. I love the xmas tree where did you get that from? That liquid arnica symphytum I was telling you about does ligament breaks sprains strains and swelling and bruising it really helps, there is a cream too for topical if I could buy by the gallon I would.................. It is cold and wet down our way. Cold Cold Cold.

    1. Tree came from Bunnings of all places. It's bloody cold here too, you are not alone!

  5. It's really cold in Singapore too esp in air-conditioned rooms. I was on the train for 1 hour and almost froze to death and I was wearing a sweater.

  6. It's raining here too. I thought summer was coming there!? I think my father had a hand in inventing those boots. He had a broken leg and couldn't stand the cast. They made him a removable cast-boot, and I think that was the first one!
    Stay warm and have a good week!

  7. Your tree is REALLY pretty. Good luck with becoming a gran to all those puppies :-)


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