Tuesday, November 10, 2015


Today both dogs are going to the groomers.
I'm hoping Tallulah doesn't get too stressed out by it all.  We are starting to think she is most likely pregnant, her tummy is slightly fuller.

I am going to take them over to the groomers for their 10 am appointments, and while they are there (it takes about 2 hours), Keera and I are going to visit Steve and Bex.

I am sure Keera will enjoy playing with her cousin Dante.  And I will enjoy watching them.

Once Keera was asleep last night I got started on tracing out the pattern pieces for my new wall hanging.

I got to use my new light box:

ABOVE: It is fantastic to use, but after tracing patterns for over 3 hours my eyes were really tired and sore.  It's so BRIGHT!

But I love it.  It's light and portable ... and so handy to use on my little lap top table in the lounge.

Tonight I hope to start matching fabric to pattern pieces and get some cut out.  But that won't be until Keera is in bed again.
Stew is not due home until much later tonight ... he's in Rotorua today and after 'work' he has to give a speech to a group of people pertaining to his work.

So... It will be a long day for me with the kids.

So that's me for now... a full day ahead. Catch ya later.


OMG... so hot outside today!  Just got home from being out and about (2.01 pm) and I'm feeling so frazzled!
Coco was a bloody NIGHTMARE today!
When I was getting her out of the car at the groomers, she literally screamed non stop... just wanted to get out and away... sniff sniff sniff... I could have throttled her.

Nothing pisses me off more than having a dog going apeshit over NOTHING.


Once I had dropped them off I went over to Steve and Bex's.... I took lunch with me.  Fresh bread buns, cheese slices and a cooked chook.  It was really nice.

Keera and Dante played together really nicely, no squabbling over toys.  They were really so cute together.

While I was there I suggested Steve move his chair to a new position in the lounge so he didn't keep getting his foot knocked ... he was literally in the main 'thoroughfare'.  So we did that and then Keera and I went and picked up the dogs and came home.

She is now having a nap and I'm watching Home and Away, taped from last night.  BLISS.

ABOVE:  Top... before.   Below... after.
I got them to trim Tallulah REALLY SHORT so she is not too long when the puppies arrive, and while she's nursing them.
I won't be able to take her back for another grooming until the pups are at least 4-6 weeks old.  

I'm relieved they are groomed though, it must be so hot for them over summer with their coats long.

End of Day: Stew got home at around 10 pm... poor bugger was rather tired.  
Off to bed shortly...
nite nite


  1. That's an awesome gadget, that lightbox! Had a crazy thought ... Craig is commuting to Auckland for work now 2 days a week (has done for the past year) while Stew commutes to Hamilton ... they should swap jobs or we should swap houses! haha! Hope your day out has been lots of fun and laughs

    1. It's nuts eh? Yes it's been a lovely day thanks. I hope your doing well down there... hope to catch up once I live there!

  2. How is Keera today?

    1. Keera had a much better sleep last night with NO coughing at all... which was a real relief.
      She's doing well on a whole... the Dr was very happy with her apart from her chesty cough. She is above average height and average weight, so gorgeous!

    2. Anonymous8:04 PM

      Yea you go my baby Muppet I love you and miss you so much, hope you are having a fabulous time with your Grandma and Grandad and B & G xxxx oh and aunty Bex nd uncle Steve and there little tribe x

  3. Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy IM BACCCCCKKKKKK I have been in TECHNO WILDERNESS my tablet died lost all my passwords and DIDNT realise I could create a new account WHAT A DOOFUS I have missed everything everyone and all the news, ya know Im GONNA COMMENT on every post haha that I have missed xx Sharon

    1. Heheh welcome back, have you caught up yet? :)

    2. Yes just after 2.5hrs reading and I READ all the comments......

  4. oh and Im going to comment on this one but go back to where I dropped off and work backwards or none of the news will make sense lol

  5. Oh I am so norty now you have to approve all the comments I am sorry!! xx

  6. Sounds like a good day except for the hubby getting home so late :(


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