Wednesday, November 04, 2015


I really don't have any plans for the day!

None at all.

I don't want to start another little clay house until class tomorrow night.

I got a couple of cardboard houses cut out last night too... so I'm happy about that.

So ... I might just continue sorting out the fabrics for the little wall Hanging Kelly gave me.  Once I've done that I can make a start on it.
Karen, I haven't forgotten about you... I will get the pattern to you once I've had a chance to get it copied for you.  Stew can get it down to you too I think.

Actually... I need some more Steam A Seam, so might just have to pop out at some point to get some... I can't actually start tracing the pattern unless I have some.
Hopefully Papakura's Fabricland have some, or I will have to go over to Mt Wellington.
I tell ya, there ain't that many fabric shops around, even here in Auckland.
Believe it or not, Spotlight does not have everything ya need!

So that will be me this morning at least.  Mucking around in the garage with bits of fabric.  lol


My God... the traffic out there today!  Mad.  I was going to get on the motorway at Papakura and take it down to Manukau.. but when I went on the overbridge I could see there was total gridlock on the southern, so I did a U-turn and went up Great South Road instead.

That wasn't much better to be honest... all the stopping and starting at the lights nearly drove me mental.

*sigh*  But I did get what I needed, and I dropped the quilt pattern in to be copied for my girlfriend too.  It should be ready for pick up later on today.

Now what to do?  Might just make a start on another (smaller) clay house.  

ABOVE:  done.  Just has to dry then go in the kiln... not sure when that will happen.  In the next few weeks I think.  

End of Day:  well again, I had fun with clay!
In fact, I'm enjoying it far more than I thought I would.  I thought I'd given pottery away for the rest of my life.  
Stew and I are watching The X Factor UK and tonight I've not liked many of the singers/groups at all.  I hope they get better.
nite nite


  1. Oh! I could sooo stay at home from work today and sew! Living the dream, but alas, hi ho!

  2. I think your pottery house is more realistic than the bird-houses you showed before. It just takes a different "eye" maybe. Your home is more cottage-y and I think it will look better than a bird house when it is finished.

  3. I guess there's a lot of people going into the park to see the All Blacks Chris. I'm home today. My turn for daughters to be bitches again. I want to set up a new blog and make it so people have to ask to view it. Only got iPad so which blog site do you recommend.

    1. I use, which is just as good as any other. I look forward to my invite to view! *smiles*

  4. Do you paint or glaze your little houses?

    1. I usually just put an oxide wash on them, so they have a matt finish.

  5. All Blacks are back in town, trip from airport to city is probably your cause.

  6. Omg you just whip up a house in a day or two that's cool as I tried to talk Samuel into driving up night before ALL BLACKS came home to see them in he was a wowzer and yeah nah maybe next time!


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