Wednesday, November 18, 2015


HAPPY BIRTHDAY to GRIFFIN.  He is 14 today!  OMG 14... those two BONUS KIDS sure are getting big!  Before we know it they will be ready to leave home ....  and then for the first time EVER, it will just be Stew and I at home.

Funny... when I was hanging out the washing yesterday I was thinking... "Imagine just hanging out Stew's and my clothes.  There sure won't be so much washing to do!"

I live for that day I tell ya.

ABOVE:  I'm going here today.  They have the best selection of little scraps of fabric... and they are really cheap too.

I NEED more scraps for my applique' wall hanging.  I'm not wanting much, but I do need some different colours from what was supplied in the wall hanging kit. (such a bugger packing up all my fabric and putting it in storage!)

I also need a few more basic supplies, so I shall do my best to get everything I need today.

While in Onehunga, I will check out the local Op Shops... there's two really good ones in the main street.  And get a birthday cake too.

Right.... OH SHIT!  I just remembered I've got a plumber coming to fix me blasted washing machine sometime this morning. Bugger. I will have to wait until he's been and gone before I can go out.  *sigh* (The washing machine is leaking, has been for weeks)


Who's surprised about Charlie Sheen?  NOT ME.  Ya reap what ya sow.  Boast about 'bedding 5,000 women'.... and that's what ya get. KARMA.
Do I feel sorry for him?  Not at all.  Just MY OPINION of course.

Looks like I'm getting a new washing machine.  *sigh*   It's going to cost more than it's worth to fix it... and that's using 2nd hand parts as they don't make my machine anymore, or the parts. F*#K IT.
I still had to pay a call out fee of $92 which sucked.

2.52 pm:  well I'm happy to say I'm home safe and sound from my little shopping trip.
I say safely cos on the motorway I had a near miss with a concrete truck!  He decided to swerve into MY lane with no indication and no warning... I had to swerve to avoid him and ended up almost collecting the lady to my right!
Then I found myself in the wrong lane and ended up at the friggin Airport!

It was really scary, and if I could have turned around I would have followed that truck till he stopped and given him a piece of my mind... FOR SURE.

ABOVE: So, I got a few bits of fabric, and a Fat Quarter Bag... for when I go out to classes.

2nd man to be mentioned on my blog today... we all mourn the passing of a Great New Zealander, former All Black and all round nice guy:

ABOVE:  Today Jonah Lomu passed away aged only 40, leaving a wife and two small sons.  Very sad.

Being honest ... In his earlier years I thought he was a fickle prick!  He seemed to be constantly changing partners/wives!  But he did settle down in latter years which was nice to see.

I'm sure here in New Zealand there will be some special memorial events to commemorate his life.  

9.24 pm:  Stew took us to Lone Star for dinner tonight.  It was lovely as per usual, though the coleslaw wasn't anywhere near as nice as it used to be.  
When we got home we had birthday cake (photo tomorrow).

End of Day: a lovely day, very glad I didn't get totalled by a concrete truck! 
nite nite 


  1. Anonymous8:52 AM

    Did you see the interview with Charlie Sheen? - creepy man.
    On a better note Happy Birthday Griffin (from a lurker - since Palmerston North!!)

    1. He is a creepy man, brain addled too by the sound of it... he couldn't even talk properly. Thanks for de-lurking too *smiles*

  2. Anonymous10:09 AM

    Yes but your opinion doesn't count so keep it to yourself. What a nasty thing to say about someone. Just because he is a complete prick, doesn't mean we have to gloat on his stupidity. Respect Chris respect
    Thanking you in advance
    Karen Maitland, Brighton, Sussex, UK

    1. I don't have to respect him at all. And didn't YOU just call him a compete prick? Pot calling the kettle black.

    2. Since it is Chris' blog I suggest that her opinion DOES count, as does everyones opinion, we are all entitled to them. We don't all have to agree with each other but telling someone their opinion doesn't count - on their own blog - seems a bit of a dick move. Having said that, kudos for not hiding behind the anonymous and putting your name.

  3. Happy birthday to Griffin. He looks like a fine young man. Are the girls calling him yet?

  4. Your family certainly produce good looking young men (young women too) !!! Happy Birthday Griffin.

  5. Happy Birthday Griffin :-)

  6. happy birthday Griffen have the bestest day growing into a good looking yonng man lock hiom in the cupboard Chris or you;ll have the house full of giggling girls

  7. aawww lovely pic of your youngest son! xxxxxxx

  8. Vale Jonah Lomu. As Matt Bourke said one of your greatest exports.

  9. I hate it when any big whiteware appliances pack it in what a pain! Happy Birthday Griffin 14 far out hope you had a nice day. Gosh I bet your heart was pounding when the near miss happened lucky you're in a substantial car.

  10. Belated Happy Birthday to Griffin.

  11. Happy Birthday to Griffin!

    I think of the days with no kids (youngest is 12 1/2) and I'm looking forward to having their bedrooms to put my craft stuff in lol. BUT I think I'll be kind of sad they aren't here. IF they ever all move. My friend has 3 girls and 21, 19 (who is now pregnant) and 16 and she doesn't want any of them to leave. I think she's nuts lol.


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