Friday, November 20, 2015


Stew got a call from our Estate Agent last night.
He's pushing us to drop our price... and indicated that the 'Lady In Red' was looking at a cheaper house now.

So ... we are going to drop our price A BIT, but not as much as he wants us to.  If the Lady In Red can't afford our house, well then, she can't buy it.

This has made me feel so DOWN ... and grumpy.
This is the EXACT position we were in when we were selling our house in Palmerston North, and Hamilton before that.  Why does this always happen to us?

I know ... we are friggin jinxed.  When we got the first two offers I couldn't believe how lucky we were.  I should have known better.

Down in the dumps now.  Not looking forward to moving in the near future at all, and that is so DEPRESSING.

God I hate this so much.

Today I'm going to sit in the garage and work on the wall hanging. ... and hopefully that will pick up my mood.  But I doubt it. When you are on ya own all day your mind has nowhere to go but around and around in circles.  


OMG can my day get any better?  *heavy sarcasm*....

I just bought a brand new washing machine because the old one was leaking right?

I go into the laundry just now and there is water on the floor, in exactly the same places as before!

So the 'LEAK' was not coming from the bloody machine was it!!!   OMG I'm so angry right now.

11.44 am:  Mega pissed off. Got the boss from Southern Traders coming this afternoon to take away the old washing machine for me, and he's going to take a look and see where my bloody leak is coming from.
I'm also in the process of packing up all my Britto and the cabinet is also going to Southern Traders.   For FREE if he can find my leak!

I will take some advice and am going to put the dining table back in the house, and move a few things around some more, and do MORE decluttering.

Fuck the rate I'm going there will be nothing left in the house.  *sigh*

Went out and go bubble wrap and more boxes, cried all the way home.  So over this shit.

The men from Southern Traders just left with my pine Britto Cabinet, an  armchair, a fan, some china and an office cupboard.  
John thinks he found the leak, it's probaby the cold water tap under the tub.  I'm going to put a bowl under it and see what happens overnight.  

If it's got water in it in the morning.... BINGO!  We will have found the leak and can finally fix it.  Fingers crossed.

I donated all the stuff to Southern Traders, but John slipped me a nice $note anyway!   One nice thing to happen today... yaaaa!

ABOVE: The shambles I created packing up everything from the display cabinet...

ABOVE:  No longer the dining room, but a casual lounge room.  I will take down the 'DINE' sign later.  

ABOVE:  The dining room now.  Plus a place to sit and watch TV too.

ABOVE: They seem happy enough there. 

I'm done for now, I'm knackered.

I need to read up on my camera... it's having glitches with focus by the look of some of my photos.  *sigh* Just something else to bother me.

So Stew got home and suggested we move the dining table into the lounge... I will show you the results tomorrow.  
We have had it in the lounge before, so some of you will already know how it's gunna look.

I forgot to cook dinner.  Bummer... now we are having pizza.
I don't mind, cos I really am tired and my back is being a right bitch.

I'm looking forward to a quiet evening watching Coronation Street and keeping me feet up. 

My Fitbit went nuts earlier on this afternoon... I had gone over 10,000 steps!  Not bad considering I did them all inside the house today!

End of Day:  Well what a busy day I've had!  Did not expect to be doing so much that's for sure.
Happy it's bedtime.
nite nite


  1. Buck up buddy! Things will work out!

  2. Anonymous9:05 AM

    The real estate agent is right. a house will sell if in the right price range if it doesn't you need to look at why. Ideas from a real estate colleague of mine when I showed him your listing. Make the dining room inside like it should be. He also said he would remove the plywood of the archgola and make it an outside area like most people would. he said you need to make it less you de clutter more. Take it or leave it the ideas but just thought I would mention it from another real estate professional.

    1. DOING IT. Like .. right now. I can only ignore ideas for so long eh?

  3. Have you had a valuation done on the home, my parents friends (around in Charles Prevost) put their home on the market 6mths ago and the agent told them properties were 'selling like hot cakes' and all his listings had taken max 6 weeks to sell. He gave them a suggested listing price of $880,000 which they were happy with and they had a couple of offers in the low 8's but held out for more. They finally changed agents and were disappointed to be told the price would def be low 8's not high 8's so they got a valuation done which came back at a selling price of between $790,000 - $820,000. They have just accepted an offer of $795,000 which has frustrated them so much as they realise they would have been better off taking the 1st two offers and feel the first agent put them wrong regarding how much they could realistically get for the place. ( it is one of the older homes in the area so original kitchen etc, but its around 360 sq metres and has a pool so guess it has some benefits, but does need modernising).

  4. oops, some of my comment didn't paste into the box. Should have also said, I wonder if some agents give sellers a false expectation of what they can get, and hope for the best it will sell quickly, only to then have to tell sellers down the track to lower the price.

  5. In my experience, most real estate agents go in with prices that are too high and unrealistic and so create and unrealistic expectation for the sellers. I know we wanted to get the most that we could for our home but in the end we realised that the selling price that was bandied about when we started talking to real estate agents quickly dropped once we chose an agent to go with and despite us saying "You said that homes were selling in this area for this price" he came back saying "Yes but....." We did eventually sell at a price we were happy with but it was nowhere near the original price that the agents had told us it would sell for.
    Hang in there, I know easier said than done but, the right buyer will come along - sometimes the timing is just not what we had hoped it would be.

  6. hun I feel your pain it must be so hard on you all Stew travelling back and forth you not knowing when house will sell and then the oh god finding another house for you I'm guessing you really want the kids settled so they can start a new school year at school in Hamilton. Hugs xxxxxx

  7. OMG, so stressful and frustrating. Stay strong xxxx

  8. It took me awhile to install our new washing machine - the hoses to the taps leaked so had to get more new ones.

    I think it's a great idea to put back your dining room - people need to see where they can eat. I know it's common sense but people do like to see a house as they would have it. I'd make the archgola into a relaxing time out room - that's what most people will use it for anyway.

  9. I guess you are at a stage of try anything to sell your home Chris. Most houses are just that, houses, not homes like yours ( and mine). Nothing is on display with just one or two feature pieces, not your taste or mine.
    Good luck.

  10. Oh Hun, I am so sorry you are having such a crappy time of it. Selling a house is stressful enough without all the other drama. Personally I prefer a house to have stuff in it and personality but I think Dee and the others are right, when it comes to selling it just needs the bare bones. Sadly it means living is a personality free home for a while but if it helps to sell it it will be worth it.

  11. Why do we live in a society that everyone has to "follow the other sheep" and have a soul-less home. Am so over "de-clutter" ...fact, we all have clutter, its the fabric of our family lives...and if people cannot see passed it...they obviously don't really want it. We did with the house we brought, so why cant others...oh that's right, no effing imagination. I know it doesn't help you Chris, but I am so with you on having a "home" and not an effing show home with no personality or soul. Best wishes xx

  12. Anonymous3:37 PM

    Hi Poor you ! what a day....maybe Stew can just keep working in Auckland ! seems easier !


    1. If only it was that easy Peta. Stew doesn't have a job here in Auckland anymore, he has to work in Hamilton or have no job.

  13. Thinking of you and sending hugs, Chris! We sold our house a year and a half was a nightmare! We just kept our heads, knowing that the "right" buyer was out there and would come along just at the right time. Keep it simple...the house...and you! It will work out in the end. Liz

  14. Big hug chick. Hang in there. Maybe grab a home magazine and look at how you can recreate their looks with what you have.
    Most people are pretty boring (in my opinion) and minimalist in their interior tastes and don't appreciate more indervidual styles. Sucky I know. But keep focus on your goal of selling.

  15. Oh Chris I feel for you. I don't know how I would ever get my house ready to sell. We have lived here for 39 years.

  16. Sorry to see you are having such a down time at the moment. I think your real estate agent has a point though. My husband and i have sold 3 houses quickly over the years and we always totally declutter. We basically have just the furniture and a couple of photos throughout the house. People like to see everything neutral and imagine their own atuff there. Fingers crossed for you that you get a sale soon and can move on to your new adventures ☺

  17. Penny5:06 PM

    Bugger it! Stronger words come to mind ;-) You already uncluttered your house for this move, this sucks. I get the point, you need to sell, but it frustrates me that people are so singleminded and have no imagination. You are selling your house and I don't see why that means you have to rearrange your whole life for others indefinitely while you do so. Good on you for doing what you can. Any chance of pursuing the washing machine issue via the plumber? They misdiagnosed the problem causing you considerable expense! I know you can't sue them like in the U.S.A. but no wonder you are in a funk! Hugs Chris, Penny xo

  18. I liked the way you had your house before but I get it: whatever the buyers want. I hope they come through soon. Thanks for posting those pics of Coco for comparison. :)

  19. I too loved the house with colour and life, its a hard call. Can you take the washing machine back can you sell the old one and off set some of the cost? I'm with you if the Lady in Red wants the house so desperately she will find a way eh...

  20. Hope all your hard works pays off and you get a buyer soon. Take care.


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