Sunday, November 08, 2015


So, yesterday Steve stepped off a ladder at work onto rough stones, and his right ankle rolled.

He was in excruciating pain, so his workmates put his foot in a bucket of cold water... but it didn't help.
So he DROVE home... with an ankle that was hugely swollen and painful.

After a while he decided he probably should go to hospital, so Stew took him in after dinner.

After a few hours, and half a dozen x-rays !, they said YEP... totally broken.
Fractures on BOTH sides of his ankle.  

We won't know till later this morning if he will need surgery or not too! 

So, now he's in plaster for weeks, and of course, off work too.

He can't drive, which is going to send him mental!  But I think considering how much his ankle hurts right now, he won't even try it.

It was after 2 am before Stew got home from the hospital, so a late night for all of us.
Lucky our Open Home isn't until mid afternoon!

Keera is a doll!  Slept all night, so thankful.

Open Home today, so it's back to getting everything done in readiness.

Brylee and Griffin can amuse Keera for me while I get all the bedrooms ready, floors washed, bathrooms cleaned etc.

Hopefully Stew can get a bit of a sleep in, I'll leave our room till last.

So... off to get started.  Catch ya later.
Fingers crossed for the right person(s) to come through the door and BUY the house!

AND fingers crossed Steve does not need surgery. 


UPDATE:   Break is only on one side after all, an unusual break too.  The surgeon rang this morning and said he won't need surgery, so that's a big relief.

The household is up and moving... better go ....

So much for Brylee and Griffin amusing Miss Muppet!  She is following me around like a little puppy dog.... she's so happy too!
I just trimmed her fringe, it was bothering her. 

Now she's chewing Stew's ear off... demanding his attention.  He's having to tell her all about the hospital visit last night... and as Stew has verbal diarrhea, he's giving her the LONG version!  lol

6.15 pm:  Well today's open home attracted 5 groups through.
One was 'The Lady In Red' AGAIN, it was her 5th visit!  Our Estate Agent said she would buy the house TODAY if she had sold her house/business.... but it's still in the works.  Hopefully she can get it all sorted out and sold and can buy this house soon.

Or she might lose it... cos ya just never know who might pop up with an offer eh?

After the Open Home we visited Steve, Bex and the boys, then did the grocery shopping and came home.
Stew and I are knackered... being up till 2 am then doing the Open Home has made us feel like limp dish rags.

It won't be a late night tonight for sure!

 ABOVE:  Keera and her Granddad.  Tallulah does NOT like Miss Muppet at all, so we are having to keep a very close eye on them when they are together.  
It might mean Tallulah is kept on the other side of the hallway door for the week I think.

ABOVE:  The damaged son.  In 10 days he has to go back to hospital for a review, they may still need to do surgery yet... at a minimum they will be putting a full cast on.  At the moment he's in a back slab so the swelling can go down, and so the surgeon can access the injury easier.

Well it's been an interesting day.  Ankle.  Open Home. Keera.  Lots going on.
And I clocked up over 10,000 steps on my FitBit!  Yaaa.  Gotta love Sunday's for doing that.

Most days I do around 5-6,000 steps.  At some point I will get it up more.

But for now... I've got enough to be working on.
Keeping the house spic n span, patchwork, pottery, family.... bla bla bla. 

End of Day: going to bed shortly, I'm tired as.
Stew went about an hour ago... he's off to Hamilton in the morning.
nite nite


  1. Poor Steve. Broken ankles can be bastards. Hopefully it heals well & quickly and he didn't make it worse by not getting it looked at immediately.

    Good luck for today's open home.

  2. Ouch! Broken ankles are so painful. Hope he doesn't need surgery. Good luck with the Open Home-lovely weather for people to be out looking.

  3. first I read that as Stew had broken his ankle then when I re read it I realized it was Steve phew not Stew but oh bugger for summer months with a cast oh joy I was lucky mine was in the winter so had at least one warm foot (once I found a sock big enough for my toes) I am hearing the questions from Keera in my head she will want to know every little detail gorgeous xxx

  4. Ouch for Steve's broken ankle - I hope it heals quickly for him.

    Good luck for this afternoon's open home.

  5. Yikes... that's no good for Steve's foot!! I hope they manage OK with him not working. Great that he won't need surgery though. I hope the open home went well - great day for it!!

  6. Dear little Keera obviously missed you all

  7. Haha, maybe the "Lady in Red" should spend more time on selling her home and less time stalking your open homes :-)

    1. I feel really sorry for her. Her husband just up and walked out on her after 30 years, and now he's being a right prick and making it hard for her to move on. I hope she get the house, I really do. She obviously LOVES IT.

    2. Oh the poor woman, I hope she does get your house, it would be nice to go to someone who really loves it. Sad her husband is being such a dick and not letting her - and consequently you guys move on.

  8. Anonymous7:32 PM


    Poor Steve, I can see how much Stew loves his grandchildren and they love him...too cute...


  9. Beautiful photo of Stew and miss muffet. That bond hasn't been broken even with the distance and time. Lovely to c the love in both of them of course grandma is always on the other side of camera that cunning mrs

  10. My hubby rolled his ankle and when he finally went to the Dr he had torn ligaments, He had Surgery and was off work for 3 months, mainly because he couldnt get his boot on which meant he couldnt go on site. I have been told that break heals much better than ligament damage, I hope that is right for Steves sake

    1. It looks like there might be ligament damage on the other side of his ankle, it's very badly swollen.

  11. Keera is growing into a beautiful little girl! Bummer about Steve's ankle :( Hope its not painful for too long!

  12. Anonymous2:03 AM

    Poor Steve! I'm so sorry it is broken, but thankful no need for surgery!!! Hugs~

  13. Oh wow, you know my kiddo had ankle surgery and a plate placed in there. It destroyed those growth plates in his ankle and he was not quite done growing. One leg is very slightly shorter than the other. But the difference was amazing. He was unable to move his foot before and now he can at least enough to walk. I hope Steve does not need surgery but if he does, know they do great things. :)

  14. Oh man that sucks on his ankle :( Little miss muppet is adorable :)

  15. Oh that poor woman, how awful. Grab some Arnica Symphytum is excellent for ligaments broken bones it is a liquid and strengthens and speeds process AND helps with swelling etc. I have sworn by it for several bad injuries on my leg ankle etc.


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