Tuesday, November 17, 2015


Tallulah is 6 weeks pregnant today.  Later on this morning I will take another photo of her belly to compare to last week's photo.

She now has 3 weeks to go! OMG I'm getting really excited.  PUPPIES!!!!

The next really exciting thing will be her scan at 8 weeks.

This afternoon I am taking Coco to the Vet for her immunisations.  She's a bit overdue for some!

Usually the Vets send you a reminder when immunisations are due, but they didn't... for like 4 years!

I found that weird as they have seen Coco regularly with her pregnancies and scans and her hysterectomy/tumor surgery.

So they finally twigged that she hadn't had any for ages, so she gets them all today.  

That's not till mid-afternoon, so I shall try and get some sewing done... well not sewing so much... as cutting out little pieces of fabric for the wall hanging. 

I am not exactly looking forward to it... trying to sort out all the little pieces and where they go... there's MASSES of pieces!  But, once I actually make a start I should be fine.

So... catch ya later!  With belly shots... *smiles*


9.15 am:  still in me jamma's!  Really should do something about that!  lol

ABOVE:  just in.... the new cast.  Apparently Dante chose the colour.  Now if it had been my choice ... it would have been .....BLUE of course!

Right *sigh*, I'm off to have me shower, get dressed, get some washing on, tidy the house, then sew?

2.54 pm:  And I've been out and sorted out Griffin's Birthday present ($$'s) and bought a few groceries, came home, had lunch then took Coco to the Vets.

I took Tallulah too so she wouldn't fret while we were out.

What a mission with both of them ... there were two other dogs in the Vet's waiting room... and Tallulah howled and growled at both of them.  *sigh*

I ended up going into the consulting room and closing the door to keep the din down!

Trying to get photos of Tallulah in a similar position as the last photos!  Pfffft.  I will have to wait for the kids to get home from school to hold her for me... then I can get the photos.

I think I can see 'puppy quiverings' inside Tallulah's belly now!  

ABOVE: Well... can ya tell the difference yet?  I can.  Next week should show an even bigger difference!

Do you realise that in about 2.4 weeks time she will be a mummy dog!  Her x-ray to determine how many puppies are on board is on the 1st of December.  Can't wait!

End of Day:  another good day, didn't get as much done as I would have liked, but too bad.
nite nite


  1. Was Coco bigger at this stage? Trying to remember. She still looks pretty comfy. :)

  2. Wow it so soon for the puppies. So exciting.

  3. Ohhhh puppy heaven and if they all boys then yes THEY could be All Blacks names eh eh!!


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