Saturday, November 14, 2015


Well... we had planned for Stew to take Keera to Hamilton with him on Monday morning, and for Lacy to pick her up from his work.

But he's got an early meeting that he must attend, so can't take Keera after all.

So... we are going to take Miss Muppet to Tauranga today to hand her back to Lacy.

Yaaa.... a road trip and maybe a walk on the beach.  And a fabric shop too????  *smiles*

It has the potential to be a lovely day.  I feel a bit stink that Stew has to do heaps of driving today though.  He already spends so much time driving to and from work every day.

But... needs must.

I will try and update when we get to Tauranga OK?

HAPPY 26th BIRTHDAY MIKE, we love you very much.  Hope you have an awesome day. ♥ ♥ ♥


We are safely in Tauranga. We managed to stop at a fabric shop in Te Puna (funny that!)... then the supermarket to get some food and stuff for Lacy and Keera.

We have dropped Miss Muppet back to her mother and are about to have some lunch.

After lunch we will be heading to the Mount for a walk on the beach.  No swimming... it's too cold and Griffin has a sore throat.

9.56 pm:  We got home about an hour ago.  Today has been a long one... and so much fun.
After lunch we did go down to the beach, it was windy and cold.  There was a modest amount of people on the beach, but not many in the water.

ABOVE:  very pretty, but cool.
We did not stay long there, and did not get an ice cream... we'd just had lunch and were not hungry. Shame.

After the beach we visited our dear friends Marty and Jacqui in Tauranga, spent a lovely couple of hours with them.

Then we headed for home.... 

I  had a lovely long text conversation as we traveled down the road, sending photos as we went along, to a dear friend in Sydney too.... it was fun Anne!  I hope you enjoyed my photos!  lol

We stopped at the Karangahake Gorge for a wander... I will show photos of that tomorrow.

We did a tiny bit of shoppping:

ABOVE: Fairy lights for xmas.

 ABOVE:  For my Mum, who is also 'Grandma'.

ABOVE:  some lovely fabric from Village@7  in Te Puna.  I love it of course!  Not sure what I shall use it for yet... any ideas?  The blocks are about 8"x8".  The 4 blocks of contrast colours are to the left. (I don't need any more cushion covers!)  lol

We are all quite tiered now, so an early night I think.

End of Day:  sad to give Keera back, but it was today ... or another 4 days here... and I have stuff to do... without a 3 year old.  *smiles*
nite nite


  1. and grab yourselve ice-creams at the shop opposite the Mount Maunganui hot pools!! I love their ice-creams. You know the shop, it is right next to the Mount. They have the BEST waffle cones! Perfect day to walk along the Mall and see all the cruise ships and boats!

    1. Last time we were there we did just that, they are lovely ice creams! Have a lovely day yourself Mel.

  2. I hope you have a lovely outing - I love Tauranga and Mt Maunganui :) (Maybe you could share the driving so Stew gets a break from all the driving :) )

  3. A stroll around the Mount and the beach and sand ad waves might be the go, we have a lot of sore throats down our way school kids dropping like flies!!

  4. Safe travels. I bet Keera will be excited to see her Mummy and bet you will miss her smiley wee face.

  5. hope u are all home safely xx

  6. I love the fairy lights! So pretty <3


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