Thursday, November 12, 2015


Well tonight is my pottery class night, and I'm keeping my fingers crossed at Stew can get home at a decent time so I can still go.

I don't feel comfortable enough to leave Keera here with just Brylee and Griffin until he gets home at his 'normal' time of 7 pm.  I know it would only be at the most an hour, but I just can't do it.

So...fingers crossed he can leave a bit earlier.

Tonight the tutor wants us to make tiles for glaze test firings.  Sounds like fun.

As for today?
Because Keera was getting a bit bored yesterday with just me for company, I am going over to Steve and Bex's this morning.
Bex has a girlfriend visiting with her child, so adding Keera to the mix will be just lovely.
I think we shall be taking the kids to the playground at Sylvia Park so they can all play together.

It would be impossible at the house as their lounge is fairly small, and as Steve has to keep his leg up as much as possible, we don't want several active pre-schoolers jumping around near him.

I will head home when Keera needs her after lunch nap, and while she's napping I can get some housework done.

So that's my morning/midday sorted.  Off to make the beds for now...


Poor Tallulah... shaving her so short has made her feel the cold in the mornings: 

ABOVE:  So Keera "donated" her oldest sweatshirt so I could chop off the arms and put it on her.   Hee heee.... hope I don't get into trouble!

Keera is being a little shit this morning.  Did not want to eat her breakfast.... so well... she will be staying home until she has had it.
I think she's been filling up on juice, so I'm knocking that on the head for now too.
Let's see how long it takes for true hunger to kick in eh?

ABOVE:  Miss Muppet last night, such a happy wee girl.  And entertaining.

2.25 pm:  Our visit over to Steve and Bex's was good, Keera and Dante played so happily together.  It's cute listening to their imaginations and play conversations.

Dante is so bossy!  I'm sure he thinks he's the boss in that house.  lol

Little miss is having her nap right now and I've been having some down time.  

I had an interesting conversation with a lady in Hamilton today... feeling better about a certain situation now.  At least now I can stop stewing about it... sorry can't divulge details.  But ya all know how I can stew eh?  *smiles*

Stew got home really EARLY tonight, so I was able to go to pottery class on time.  It was so nice to be around other adults again!  I'm really enjoying the class.

Next week we make glazes for our pots... that should be fun.

End of Day:  a lovely day... topped off with some AMAZING fudge Stew brought home from Hamilton.  Naughty but nice.
nite nite


  1. Anonymous11:52 AM

    Oh my gosh she is adorable and doesn't she have the moves. Too cute!
    Kym / Australia

  2. Gosh, Keera has the moves, love the way she turned back to the camera when the song and her dancing finished.

  3. Anonymous8:04 PM

    Haha Yea he does think he's the boss ,I got told off and 1.2.3 go to bed mum.

  4. Glad you are feeling better. Your grandkids are awfully cute!

  5. Anonymous8:32 PM

    Lol Dante is a hoot! Telling mum to go to bed! I bet you were thinking that sounded like a great idea if you could Bex.
    How is Steve not in too much pain I hope?

  6. Sadly he is in a lot of pain.... particularly when Dante knocks his foot! I gave him some Tramadol and that takes the edge off a bit...but it makes him itchy.

  7. Funny kids Dante so cute, you will miss Keera when she goes the noise and chatter makes a house my recent visitors have reminded me of that. Tallulah looks funny as oh fudge now that sounds divine.

  8. I can't get on Pepsi anymore :(

    1. Send me your current email address to


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