Sunday, November 15, 2015


In no particular order... cos I've got heaps to do for the Open Home this afternoon:

 ABOVE:  Suspension/swing type bridge.  And it did bloody well swing!  Scary shit that.

 ABOVE: A... mazing BIG wheel in the bush....


ABOVE:  left over things from the goldmine buildings .... I suppose!

 ABOVE:  dunno what it was, but it was huge... would have loved to take it home for me garden.  Sigh, it was too big to nick.

 ABOVE:  What used to be here, a gold mine.

ABOVE:  I loved the place and can't wait to go back and spend a whole day there.  There is a walk along the river...for miles.  And bush walks.... gorgeous place.

Right, I'm going to clean house.  *blergh*

ONESTF...  ha ha! see how I spelt ONWARD?  Derrr... I was clearly in a hurry.

So, it's 1.17 pm and the house is almost done.
We  had visitors early this morning, Steve, Bex and the boys.

They had been at a Playcentre photoshoot, they all looked gorgeous.
Archer has finally cut his bottom two teeth, so is not dribbling so much now.  He's such a happy bubba.

I better go and do a last run around, make sure everything in where it should be, lights are on (it's a dim, showery day today), and put the dogs in their travelling crates.

4.49 pm:  only 2 groups through today's Open Home.  *sigh*  Probably not selling the house this week.  The 'Lady in Red' didn't come back to sit in our home today... *smiles*.  
She probably doesn't want to be seen to be a stalker!

After the open home I wanted to go down to Bunnings and get a big sheet of wood to pin my new fairy lights on, in the shape of a Christmas Tree.

We got down there... and changed our minds.

ABOVE:  we got a Blossom Tree instead.  I will wait until it's dark and take a photo of it to show you tomorrow.

End of Day:  A long day, one I'm glad is over.  I am so tired!  I really didn't feel like all the cleaning/tidying today.  Oh well... glad it's over.
nite nite


  1. My grandmother escaped to Karangahake after the Waihi Miner's strike in 1912. Her husband was jailed in Mt Eden for striking. She escaped with my father who was aged one at the time and taken in my a mining family. While there she gave birth to a baby who she named Gilbert Hake after Karangahake Gorge.

  2. Love your pics! Fingers crossed for your open house.

  3. Oh I love Karangahape too! It's a gorgeous spot. We did a super-quick trip to the North Island last year to spend a few hours with a dying great-aunt in Mt Maunganui and were so pleased that we chose to fly into Auckland, grab a rental and drive to the Mount. It was such a beautiful trip. (A very fast trip too - flew in to Auckland around 10am, were met by my aunt who'd flown in from Melbourne a few hours earlier, then picked up my brother from his place in Newton, drove through to Mt Maunganui and were home back in Christchurch by the following evening).

  4. What a beautiful place to find. I love the bird. What was it?

  5. Ummm... it was a very small bird, no idea what sort... maybe a Finch? No time to do a google search either... maybe you can?

  6. I want to make a tree with my lights for on my fence was my plan for today but body is to sore. I am actuality sitting in my car and can't get up the energy to move to get out cause it's gonna hurt love bush walks never seem to get to do them unless on holiday y don't we find more time for such things

  7. Lovely photos of the Gorge and mining gear, what rugged country we have and probably carted in by hardyards. Hope you haver an industrious week ahead I am sure you will.

  8. Hey Chris,
    Is Brylee still with her boyfriend?

  9. hi Chris.... gorgeous pix, glad you enjoyed your day xxxxx

  10. Love the Karangahake Gorge...visited there in August...was a rainy day and we had it to ourselves!! Shame those old mining pieces are so big and heavy!!

  11. The mine looks amazing! I was recently in Canmore, Canada, an old mining town, there is very little evidence that the mines ever existed, The bird on a wire is nice too! We don't have anything that colorful here!

    Have a great week!


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