Monday, November 23, 2015


FINALLY going to get the leaky tap in the laundry fixed.
Rather cross we ended up buying a new washing machine right now when we didn't have to.

We were going to get a new one in the next 6 months to a year, so I suppose it's not a total loss of money.

Hopefully I can get a plumber to come out soon to fix the tap.  For now, I've got a bowl under it. The leak isn't of a huge quantity each day, so not going to lose too much sleep over water loss.  Ya have to pay for water here.  
Do any other towns/cities in NZ have to pay for their water?  I've no idea!

Tallulah has about 12 days to go till she whelps, so I am going to be checking me list and making sure I have stuff we need, not that ya need much. One thing I have not got is a plastic sheet, so that will be found this week.
Apart from that I think I have what she will need, and the pups.

Getting really excited, and anxious too.  What if she decides to deliver on a Sunday!  Shit I'd really be in trouble then.  Heard of delivering in ya car?  Hee hee.... that could happen.  (Open Home... puppies coming) GAWD!

Ahhh well.... I knew it was a possibility.  It won't matter when the pups arrive really, it's going to be tricky working around Open Homes, but I can and will do it.

One week and one day till we find out HOW MANY pups there are!  Eeeek.  I'm guessing around 4-5.   Hopefully no more than that.

Gunna chop off me nails today, well cut them shorter that is.  You have NO IDEA how many mistakes I'm making trying to type ... I have to backtrack constantly to fix the typo's!  Grrrrr. Doing me head in.

ABOVE:  The one thing I refused to take down ... my fairy lights.  I told the Real Estate Agent yesterday they were staying, I refuse to take away ALL CHARACTER.  It's still my home.  And I love them!


11.14 am:   and the plumber has just been.  And he could  NOT find where the leak was coming from, even though it was obvious it was coming from the tap or hoses under the tub.
So, he tightened everything and left.  I told him I wasn't paying him until TOMORROW, cos I wanted to see if the leak happened again during the day or overnight.  He said 'Fair enough'.

*sigh*, I'm  now popping out for a few minutes to post parcels to Australia for Christmas.

3.58 pm:  I ended up at Sylvia Park today, spent about an hour in NZ Post sending parcels to Aussy.  Talk about frustrating having to fill out forms and sort out boxes/bags etc.

But it's done now so I can relax.

After that I had a browse around and ended up getting 4 plates and 4 side dishes for the table:

 ABOVE:  What do you think of them?  (Fish plate and starfish dish).  Personally I love them.. of course!  lol

I stopped in for a quick visit with the kids on my way home too... 
Dante was in bed but was allowed to get up and say "Hi" to me.... so I grabbed a lovely photo of him:

ABOVE:  *snigger*, that's him 'smiling' for me.  Funny boy.

End of Day: well today just flew by!  It's good to be so busy the day is gone before ya know it.
Tired, off to bed.
nite nite


  1. It's Christmas, leave the fairy lights!! About the open homes, why not cancel one or two? It's close to Christmas anyway and most people wait until the new year to look for a home (well this was the advice given to a friend the other day who will not market her home until the end of January for this reason).

  2. Open Homes are half an hour, once a week.... so not too much bother to bundle the pups and dogs in the car for that length of time. I am not sure about cancelling any open homes, I want the house to sell NOW, not the end of January if possible. I will talk to the estate agents about it though. See what they recommend.

  3. love the plaTES Chris they r so u xx

  4. I love the new plates too!! you crack me up.... storing stuff then buying more!!! I don't blame you, they are gorgeous xxxx

    1. I'm a shopaholic, I can't help myself! And I am sure I shop to help my mood.

  5. Leave the fairy lights, and yes to the plates so you! that water leak or non leak would be enough to do anyones head in...

  6. Seems like a very busy day! Good luck with the leak!

  7. Chris, your fairy lights look MAGICAL. Do keep them. :)

  8. Hope you get the water problem solved soon.


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