Friday, February 13, 2015


I'm not superstitious in the least, so I don't care that it's BLACK FRIDAY.  Do you? 

I'm off to Patchwork Class today.  It's been about 10 weeks since our last class, so it will be lovely to see all the ladies again.

For the last term.  Cos the owner of the shop is selling up and leaving Auckland.  Half the class ladies live in Pukekohe, so I don't expect to see them again.

There are a few of us who might form a small, informal group at the Tutor's home... well, that was a suggestion thrown out there when we finished last term.   I hope it happens.

Before I go to class, I shall be going to Warehouse Stationery to get a couple of pictures enlarged for two 'name' wallhangings and the cot bumper name pad.

I found a darling wee pink/lilac dragon for the baby girl's wallhanging, the baby boy's will be a seahorse and OUR Baby boy No# 2 is having a Lemur cot bumper pad.
So, I've got lots on the go... almost.

At class all I will probably get done is tracing out the patterns onto Steam a Seam, ready for ironing onto fabric when I get home.

But that's fine, I can happily do that and natter away to the ladies. 

So, that will be me for the morning, I expect to be home by around 1 pm... just in time for lunch... and watching Home and Away.  *smiles*

What are you up to today?  It's Friday, so I expect quite a few of you are looking forward to the end of the day... it's the weekend ahead.  Yaaa. 


Ha ha!  I went to class and sat there and YAKKED all morning!  I did no actual sewing at all.  Come to think of it, no one got too much done.  *smiles*
It was just nice being there, must have missed it.
We had two new ladies join this term.  I hope they know it's folding in 7 weeks!
Fingers crossed our Tutor does set up a class at her home for us.

Came home hoping like hell the Archgola guys MIGHT have turned up, but no.    So, obviously it will be NEXT week.  
I know they have my 'business' now, but I've only paid for half the job, so he doesn't have all me money yet.

Bex is being a bitch.  She's standing at the bench eating spoonfuls of Salted Caramel sauce and going "Mmmmmmm.....".  

I'm now going to have my lunch... steamed cauliflower with some cheese sprinkled on top.

And wow, I've not been back all afternoon/evening!  Naughty.   And I did nothing much either, just watched telly, had a granny nap and then watched some more TV!

End of Day:  black friday and nothing bad happened here.  Success!
nite nite


  1. Anonymous7:39 AM

    Hanging out for the weekend - been a couple of busy, hard weeks back at school. Need a weekend to catch up on housework and sleep! Boring old fart that I am.... Have a goodie! :)

  2. Off to work and then tonight to Silo Park for Rocky Horror Picture Show - free outdoor movie. Have fun at class today.

  3. Bexs is a bitch ! Now I am sitting here drooling thinking about caramel sauce. The best I can do is have a sugar free caramel lolly

  4. Stay strong can do it.

  5. Stay strong can do it.

  6. How nice you got to chitter chatter with the ladies. Shame about the archgola sides hopefully soon, I had yesterday caramel and cashew salted popcorn it was devine.

  7. Bex can be a bitch as she is pregnant with your next grandbaby!!!

    1. lol... I didn't mean it in a nasty way Chick.. and Bex knows that!

  8. Anonymous7:33 PM

    Bex was just making sure the caramal was still ok to eat and yes its still good :) i only had 1 teaspoon could sneak some more later tho lol was drool worthy xx

    1. Quality Control Bexs ? Some one has to do it don't they


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