Saturday, February 07, 2015


I try hard to accept some things that I cannot change.

And not to have my feelings hurt.

But honestly, it's getting really hard.

I am feeling BETRAYED.

LIED to... by omission, but still lied to.

Why, when you raise your kids and TRY to always be there for them, they go and betray you without a thought to how it might make you feel?

Clearly my feelings and thoughts on the matter mean NOTHING to you.  NOTHING.  

OVER IT.  Your choices do affect me, and I will react, cos I am like that.  I REACT. 

And just to be very clear, in case you didn't already know ... I am not OK WITH IT.  NOT AT ALL and NEVER WILL BE.


Moving on...  I am almost at the binding stage of my niece's baby quilt!  I got so much done yesterday, and I am feeling thrilled to bits with it.

I will show you later, once the binding is pinned down.  

It took me quite a while to choose the PERFECT binding fabric too!  But I think I made the right choice.  

I think I'll get Stew to drag me out to the shops today... lol... 'drag me'!   I feel the need to get out of the house.  

OH forgot.  We did get out for an hour yesterday, we needed a new toilet seat!
We had fun trying to find a really nice one, and settled on this one... and YES, yes you DO want to see my new toilet seat!:

ABOVE: isn't it so pretty?  I love it. It's totally ME. Doesn't that sound weird when I'm referring to a friggin toilet seat?  ha ha ha!

Anyway, that's all I have for now.  I'll be back later with an updated photo of the baby quilt.


ABOVE:  For Dee.  My finished Dresden Plate quilt, with the gathering thread still in!  I have since pulled it all out.  *smiles*

We are now off to have some lunch, Griffin is home and has brought his mate with him.

We went over to Devonport for lunch, we ended up here:

ABOVE:  It was very nice, a lovely atmosphere.

After lunch we had a little walk/drive around the waterfront there, then came home.

In response to a comment today, which had a reply to it. 
If you swear at your mother, treat her like shit and so on, then yes, she is too good for you.  MOTHER'S deserve LOVE and RESPECT, nothing more, nothing less.

I can honestly say only HALF my kids treat me well, don't swear at me or run rough shod over my feelings.

And if that causes offense, maybe you should look at yourselves.

ABOVE:  a stunning day in our beautiful Auckland City.   

End of Day:  yaa!  I finished the baby quilt, and am now waiting for the address to send it to.  
I will show you the quilt tomorrow, it's too late in the day now. Actually, it's almost 1 am!  I better get to bed.
nite nite


  1. I LOVE the toilet seat! It rocks! I have a HEATED toilet seat!!!! Nothing wrong with an out of the ordinary seat!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Oops always check before hitting publish. Last comment didn't even make sense!!. Sending hugs xx. Can't wait to see the binding on the quilt-it is looking great so far. Love the toilet seat-where did you get it?

  4. Oh IM SO envious of that toilet seat how funky! We have BIG FAT sun down our way BUT 3 degrees!

  5. Toilet seat is totally you.
    That quilt will be stunning when you get it finished.
    Have you finished your blue and white one or are you having a break from it ?
    I am planning a lap quilt for my mums 80thin November, wether or not I actually quilt the queen size top I have just finished first remains to be seen

    1. Dee I finished that quilt quite some time ago, I posted on my blog when it was finished. If I get time I will put a photo up for you.

  6. The toilet seat IS YOU TO A TEE! It's the little things in life that matter sometimes. :)

  7. Hugs xx

    That toilet seat is sooooooo you…love it !!

  8. Anonymous11:00 AM

    Who is it this time Chris? I hate it when they wind you up like that. I told you, you're too good for them, too blooming you. Why don't you come round, I make a grand cup of tea, you know!!
    Joan Puller, Cyprus

    1. Anonymous1:04 PM

      'She's too good for them' are you serious, those are her kid's you're talking about.
      That was just disgusting

    2. The funny thing is she IS to good for some of them, and that's is just a fact of life. But some people will always be losers no matter what their parents do, I should know as some of them are technically my siblings. So in reply to Joan I give you a high five, well said continue on :)

      To all the haters, piss off! Your idiots who know nothing.

      Kind regards,

      An agitated steve.

      (P.S. for those who don't know I am chris's son, and have every right to comment as I see fit, if you don't like it tough shit go cry somewhere else pansy.)

    3. Ha ha Steve, well said!!

  9. I though that you did finish it Chris but I am in bed using the iPad and it's a bit hard to look back. I will look when I get on the computer

  10. I love Devonport. Glad you got out & had a nice afternoon. I will take a guess at which kid upset you :-).

    Go Steve, well said :-)

  11. Hugs to you darlin and The Patriot looks exactly like The Honest Lawyer in Toronto. Also a former bank. It's an English pub:-)

  12. Love the toilet seat lol. Such lovely views everywhere you go!


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