Monday, February 16, 2015


Seems I've got another bloke coming to check out me kitchen floor.  Only this time he's measuring up to actually do the repair.
So, maybe that means they have found more of the same laminate, and I don't have to have it all ripped up.

Now that would make my day/week/month!

He's due here at around 8 am... so I better actually be up and dressed eh?

Last time a bloke called in early-ish, I was still in me nightie!

It's Hospice again this afternoon too... so I shall probably do some sewing this morning before I go out.

Lacy sent me a few cute photos of Miss Muppet last night:

ABOVE:  Hopefully, next time Lacy makes sure Keera's not looking into the sun!  Poor kid's got her eyes all screwed up.  Isn't she's getting so big!  We haven't seen her since Christmas... so a visit would be nice soon.  *hint hint*

Right, that's all I've got for now... so catch ya later.  P.S.  Not heard from the Archgola man in a week...  maybe I will this week?


Well, the flooring man arrived and decided he didn't know what sort of flooring we had, so he left to find out.  I rang the Insurance company, and according to them that bloke was just pricing up the job for one of the companies that came last week.

So... it's not about to get fixed yet.

After he left, I decided to move my Britto cabinet back into the lounge, so that took me an hour and a half!  I had to take EVERYTHING out of it, including the shelves and glass doors so I could push/pull it easier.
WHAT. A. JOB.  But, it's done now, and I'm happy.   

The family room was looking far too cluttered, and the lounge was looking a bit empty since taking the dining room stuff out of it.

Sorted now.  Till.... I decide to move it all again.  *sigh*  Sometimes I hate myself for having the 'move it' bug.

Now that I'm all hot a sweaty (not a good look), I'm off to have a shower and then go to Hospice duty.

Home.  It was not that busy at the shop this afternoon, I'd say slow but steady.  I, of course, managed to find some treasure:

ABOVE:  More cute book ends for Dante, a steam pudding thingee, gorgeous coffee mugs, tupperware dish, lollie bowl, handy pincushions, quilting safety pins and a cute wee metal till.  Neat eh?

ABOVE:  and... a container full of buttons for Bex.  I've got heaps of my own, so thought she would like some of her own... to build her 'stash'.

End of Day:  an excellent day really.  I got heaps done in the house, and scored some lovely bargins at the Hospice Shop too.
nite nite


  1. Luv seeing pics of miss Keera she sure is growing up. Hope the repair job goes without any problems enjoy your day

  2. Aww I'm jealous of the buttons. Don't see any tins of them down here now - at least 5c a button.

  3. What a score of treasure love the bookends and metal till, the lolly bowl is cool. Keera certainly suits that blue and yes how very tall she looks...

  4. Score on the buttons! Those things are expensive.


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