Sunday, February 08, 2015


Well... it took me 4 days!  I'm sure it would have taken a couple more days if I didn't already have three of the 'animals' already made, but still.   I'm impressed with how quick I made it!

 ABOVE:  DONE.  I used a very simple green for the binding around the edges, because it was the only fabric that looked 'right'.  I'm thrilled with how it looks.  It has no borders because I had to keep it small for a  cot.

ABOVE:  another shot, to give you an idea of the size.  Stew is holding it up, and Tallulah had just given it a thorough sniff.  *smiles*

I hope my niece likes it!

Today I shall finally get around to sewing up that fabric I bought the other day, for a tablecloth.  Then I shall move on to making the Name bumper for baby No#2 in the house.  He's due in just under 12 weeks now!  The time sure how flown with Bex's 2nd pregnancy I must say.

We are all getting a bit excited!

While I'm sewing today, I hope to get the kids to do a few household jobs... vacuming, dusting etc.  I can't have them idle now can I?

I'm sure Stew will enjoy watching sport on the TV while I'm busy.  

Right, I'm off.... catch ya later.


I am making my first ever ice cream.  I have gone with Salted Caramel!  It's in the machine as I type... and I'm really excited to see how it turns out.
I'm having a 'pig out' dinner tonight.  My mood dictates it.  
Pork Belly with veges, followed by ice cream!

ABOVE:  my driveway right now.  Steve is finally finishing the interior of his work van.  Griffin is getting to help him.  Maybe one day Griffin will be a builder too?  Ya never know.

Brylee meanwhile is blissed out in front of the TV watching her favourite music programme.  If it's got '5 SECONDS OF SUMMER' it's perfect!  She's in love with them.   *sigh* teenage girls!  lol

I am pondering a big decision.  

So, as of 4.44 pm on Sunday (today) I made my blog private.  For now.

End of Day:  well a funny sort of day really.  
nite nite