Wednesday, February 11, 2015


First up... apologies for going off line for a couple of days.  I needed a break.

Now I'm back, and here's a few photos that got deleted or are new:

 ABOVE:  I finally put my diamond studs in.  And it didn't hurt at all.

 ABOVE:  Hospice Treasure that I got on Monday.  Dante kept saying "Mine?"... so bloody cute.

ABOVE: the baby quilt for my niece, I've already posted it to her.

Now.  Back to the present day.

We had the first company come in to do a quote to fix the kitchen floor yesterday, and another company is due tomorrow.
There is some doubt that they can still get the same laminate, even though it's only just 2 years old!
So... I am really hoping like hell that they still have it, cos if they don't they will have to replace ALL the laminate!!!

And if that's the case, I don't WANT LAMINATE put down again.  It's a crap product as far as I'm concerned.  

Hopefully it doesn't come to that though (all being replaced), as it was a nightmare last time.

Right, that's about all I have to yabber on about right now... I'm relieved to be back in a happy place and blogging again.


Well.. I've had a busy and happy morning!
I went down to Spotlight for some white fabric to make the name pad for Bex and Steve's next baby boy, AND two name wall hangings for Bernie's grandkids who arrived this year.  I work with Bernie at Hospice Shop.

I went to get three fat quarters too, but when I got up to the counter the lady told me that I could get 10 for $20!  That's a huge saving, so I did indeed get 10:

ABOVE: I chose nice brights of course.  They will come in handy at some point.  I had kinda decided NOT to buy any more fat quarters unless I really needed one, because I have quite a few already.  But honestly, you can never have too many!

After Spotlight I went over to my Hospice Shop and found two good buys:

ABOVE:  the lovely wooden mirror, perfect for a bedroom and that funky metal thing ... which I shall use as a candle holder.  I don't think it's acutally a candle holder cos it's got grooves at the top for screwing something onto it... but still, it's perfect for a candle holder don't ya think?

After that I decided, on a whim, to visit Bex and Dante at Playcentre.  That was just lovely as Dante hasn't seen me there before.  His face was PRICELESS when I walked in and sat down near him!

He looked totally bemused, then said 'Hello Grandma"!  Then proceeded to show off in front of me... like he never sees me.  lol

Too cute.  I stayed about 40 minutes, then stopped in at the supermarket for some fresh veges for dinner and came home.

Very happy with my morning.

After my usual lunch in front of the TV (I had some cheese)... I proceeded to prepare dinner.

Tonight:  Mince stew (pork and beef), with bacon and onions.  Mashed potatoes and mini vegetable quiches, broccoli sprinkled with cheese.  

Mixed vege quiche for the kids and mushroom/onion and bacon for the grown ups.  The kids hate mushrooms.

I'm going to have some cos it's all good food, nothing processed.

End of Day:  well an excellent day... dinner was lovely and everyone enjoyed it.
Time to relax for the evening.
nite nite


  1. Phew, I'm addicted to your blog Chris. Check it out every morning! The last 2 days was like omg where's Chris? What's happening? Anxiety plus lol. Good to have you back and hey that quilt is so gorgeous. You are so talented, love you my friend.

  2. Sasha7:03 AM

    Welcome back :-). Any more news re the side curtains. I am intrigued to see your new room all set up.

  3. YAY ... So pleased to see you back Chris.

  4. Welcome back the earrings...every one needs a break once in s while. ..

  5. Hiya - was a bit panicky when couldn't get access to your blog yesterday ;-) Gorgeous quilt - I am sure she will treasure it. Funky colours. Have a great week

  6. Welcome back to blogland. Love the quilt-the sashing fabric is a great choice. Diamonds look wonderful.

  7. Anonymous8:38 AM

    Welcome back Chris ... Morning coffee hasn't been the same the last few days , Good to see ya back and your ok :)
    Robyn from Aussie :)

  8. Welcome back felt like i lost my family

  9. Anonymous10:53 AM

    So glad you're back, I really missed reading your blog :-)
    Karen in Perth

  10. Happy you're back! Missed even a couple of days reading your blog
    BeckyAnne in Michigan, USA

  11. Anonymous11:27 AM

    Hi Chris

    We all missed you !


  12. Nice to see you back !!

  13. Hurray!! You're back! Missed you! 👍 👍
    Chris B UK

  14. Welcome back, hope you enjoyed your break

  15. Thanks loads foor dropping by my blog and your lovely comment, it made my day as I don't get many :) You rock Chris! Glad you are back in a happy place x

  16. Anonymous2:16 PM

    Welcome back. Love Dante's reaction!!

  17. Well hello, welcome back. I don't comment often, but I do try to get my daily "Diet-Coke" fix, and you were gone. No goodbye, not nuthin' just gone. I was wondering how I could send you a message to say I missed you, but would understand if you wanted to go private, but I was sad that I didn't get to say thankyou for sharing your family with us all. So glad that you are in a happier place, and back in blog world.

  18. Love all the treasures love the fabric, how utterly cute Dante got to show off Grandma... Just been into Farmers They have GORGEOUS GORGEOUS wall hangings, distressed wood white with blue pics one had lighthouse one had seagull on post all blue paint one had the wheel of the steering of a boat they are so you.... About 3/4 size of large rectangular place at, all pics were square though I thought of you and your "room" I bet you could knock some UP no sweat.

  19. I am so glad your back ..I missed you too!! Glad your happy and things are going well. Can't wait for the pics of the blinds on the new dining room...Donna from Perth xxx

  20. So glad you are back - I don't comment often and missed you and your lovely family. Dante is so cute

  21. loving that mirror and candlestick. You could paint that candlestick? Blue or white? xxxx

  22. Anonymous8:37 PM

    I'm pleased you are back. Anne - Palmy

  23. Anonymous8:38 PM

    Just got to say - so hard leaving a comment now days. I can't sign into goggle - so went Anonymous - then had to prove I wasn't a robot..... Anne

  24. I have floor tiles in my kitchen (my flat came with floor tiles) and they get chipped and scratched. Very hard to replace. Need to hack and all. I wish we had used good old cement.

  25. why wouldn't you get 10 fqs for that price, nice colours too.

  26. Very pleased you're back online, hope things go well! Lots of us visit you daily - thank you for sharing your life!

  27. You will lurve the zumba kit!!!! SOooo much fun! Love the fat quarters and can't wait to see the baby hangings!

  28. Anonymous2:51 AM

    So glad your back. I was worried.

  29. Anonymous3:30 AM

    You have no idea how much people love you. Most of us you probably don't know but we feel we know you. Welcome back Chris! I thought you had gone private and only the chosen few were allowed into your world. So glad that wasn't the case. Don't forget most of us rely on your special diet coke to get us through our day.

    Anne Defteri, Athens, Greece


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