Friday, February 27, 2015


Well... I have a feeling today is going to be a bit busy.

First up... I have patchwork class... where I will be continuing to work on the 2nd little wall hanging for my friend Bernadette.

I am loving that little dragon!

Then I have to get home in time for a visit from a Rep' from Carpet Court.
She is going to give me a quote for new flooring in the kitchen/family room/stairway and front door area.
As I DON'T WANT wood laminate put down again, I am looking at taking a 'cash out' option from our insurance company.

They only replace 'like for like'... and as I've told them... I have lost faith in wood laminate!  It's utter shit. 

You don't need to get much water on it to ruin it... and now that it's happened twice in two years, I am not going to risk it happening again!

So what I'm thinking of is carpet to match what's already in the house (fingers crossed they have it), at the front door, on the stairs and in the family room,  and tiles in the kitchen and under the breakfast bar area.

I'm hoping their quote will come in around the same amount as the 'cash out' settlement from the insurance company.


Once she's been I can relax and look forward to the weekend.  We are expecting visiting family tomorrow, which is always nice.

Lacy sent me some photos of Miss Muppet last night, seems she loves helping the men work on car engines, just like her Mummy:

ABOVE:  Just look at her!  She is getting right in there.  Don't know if a greasy, dirt covered face is exactly pretty though!  We miss her so much... can't wait till Lacy brings her over for a visit, which should be very soon I hope.


Well as I thought, busy, busy, busy.
But productive.

ABOVE:  Today in class I got the letters on, it took 2 hours to sort out what fabrics to use, draw the letters and get them the right size and position them on the wall hanging.  
THAT took a while, we tried this way and that way and with some collaboration with the others in the class I settled on this.  

Once home I added the butterflies.... doing them took 1.5 hours!  

Now it's time to get the batting glued on the back and start stitching.

The Carpet Court lady arrived bang on time and took measurements and I should hear back from her in a day or so with the quote.  I hope it's affordable to do what I want.

NO COMMENTS TODAY!  Wow... I'm NOT feeling the love people.  I'm not that boring am I?

OK. Looks like there might have been a 'glitch' with comments getting through today, suddenly there's heaps!  *smiles*

End of Day:  well I have had a super day.  Got some sewing done, hopefully on the way to resolving our floor issues and it's Friday night... Coronation Street it on.  Yeah.
nite nite


  1. Love you Chris. Never boring.

  2. Feel the love ♥♥

  3. That dragon is just so gorgeous. Are you using your basting spray for this one?

  4. Yes I am Marlene. I got the 505 that you recommended. In fact, I'm about to do it right now!

  5. Awwww I do read but find it hard to leave comments on any blogs these days....
    Keera has grown up so much! Yay for helping the guys with the car - could be handy when she is older :)

    Karen - Wgtn

    1. Hi Karen ๐Ÿ˜Šthank you for your comment on my Daughter, and yes she is hopfully going to take after me a bit when she is older, i have always been into playing/messing around with cars and things ๐Ÿ˜Š

  6. Cute Keera a girl needs to learn how to use the tools

  7. Anonymous5:38 PM

    Look how big Keera is now! So cute and "helpful" with the boys - love that she wears girly pink but doesn't mind getting greasy. Adorable!!
    ~Nicole in CA

  8. Keera is getting so big, she is such a gorgeous happy looking wee thing. Car maintenance & repairs are a good skill to have, good career prospects too.

  9. Brilliant 21st photo, that grin!!!

  10. Anonymous5:40 PM

    Cute - Keera looks such a gorgeous little girl:-) Anne - Palmy

  11. Wow. Keera is adorable. One just wants to hug her. What a cutie. Must miss her Chris. xx

  12. Cute the wall hanging

  13. Leigh6:39 PM

    I'd also get harrisons to come out and give you a quote. Last year I had to redo the flooring in my Mothers house, before I put it on the market. (she has gone into a resthome) Anyway Harrisons was a lot cheaper than Carpet court.

  14. that wall-hanging is gorgeous... almost as cute as the one you did for Corbin!!!!! speaking of cute, Keera looks adorable in those shots xxxxx

  15. Better get Keera a cute pair of overalls for her job as trainee mechanic. She is a cutie.

  16. Anonymous7:36 PM

    In regard to the carpet quotes, some places may be a lot cheaper - but you have to make sure you are comparing apples with apples, check the quality, the underlay etc are similar. Also make sure you check out the warranties that comes with the carpet. Happy shopping! Anne

  17. Miss mia was on the iPad and came across your blog who's that girl she is adoraball they just say the cutest things

  18. Keera is so cute. Not s baby anymore. And she looks like her mother diesnt she ?

  19. Lovely photos of Keera - she's growing up so fast! Might be handy having a future mechanic in your family. Good luck with the carpet quotes.

  20. wow, hasn't Miss Keera grow up? Gorgeous she is too :-)

  21. Hope you get to see your Keera soon. She's precious!

  22. Cute pics! I just love that quilt!

  23. Hopefully you get the floor sorted out to your satisfaction. Cute pictures. Have a fun weekend.

  24. Look how big and cute Keera is!! I bet you must miss her, Chris. The wall hanging is also adorable!!! You are such a talented lady!!!

  25. Look at that cute little blondie. She reminds me of you a bit. What a doll.

  26. That's awesome a lil grease monkey, girls can do anything... Love the pics she is growing so fast...

  27. HEY, she grew. Quit it, Keera! :)


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