Wednesday, February 04, 2015


Yep.  After buying that new fabric yesterday I can feel a real itch to make something new.

I have some lovely fabric to make a new tablecloth for the dining table, then after that I want to get started on a baby quilt for my niece Rowena.  Her first baby is due it about 12 weeks, so I better pull me finger out and get it done!

I also have to make a 'name bumper' for Steve & Bex's next baby boy, ALSO due in 12 weeks.

ABOVE: Dante's cot quilt (top right) and the bumper set I made for his cot.  I only have to make a new name pad for the new baby.  They want the animal to be a ring tail lemur.  Luckily I have a pattern already done for one of those.

Ear:  is feeling quite a bit better today.  Thank goodness.  I was a bit worried about it.  Bex reckons I should take out the studs they used to do the piercings with and put in me diamond studs.  I'm not so sure.  I'm worried it will hurt!
Maybe in another day or two I will.  *sigh*

Right, I'm off to get the kids outta bed, they don't start school till 10 am on a Wednesday, so they are both still in bed.  


WOW!   I just came up from the garage and asked Bex what the time was... my eyes were playing up from close up work... and she said it was 3 pm!  
I can't believe it.  Obviously sewing/cutting out makes time fly!

Anyway, this is the progress on Rowena's quilt:

 ABOVE:  I already had the Kangaroo, Turtle and Mouse made, so basically all I've done in the past few hours is the Hippo and Rhino!
Oh and I've started on this guy:

ABOVE:  I'm still at the cutting out phase of him.  Hopefully I get him finished before it's time to make dinner.

Tonight the family are having Macaroni Cheese.

End of day:  well I have thoroughly enjoyed my full on day in the sewing 'room'... and I got heaps done.
nite nite


  1. White meths is what they give you at the chemist when you get your ears pierced - that should sort it out - make sure you get it right in the hole :) Might sting a bit but always seems to work quickly in our house :)

  2. ahhh blogger just ate my long comment. Anyhoo, Hi *waves* x

  3. Blogger ALWAYS eats my comments but only on Chris's blog. I have no idea why. I always have to type elsewhere and cut and paste.

    Anyway - about the leak Chris. Do you have a "pressure releasing valve" on the line from the tap to the filter for your water filter? Like this:

    If not, get one fitted. If you have one then I can't help :) I used to work at Aqua Cool and we fitted under bench filters and never installed one without one of these valves.

    1. Opps, make that a pressure reducing valve.

  4. Don't take the studs out! Give it AT LEAST six weeks before you touch them, give the hole time to heal! then knock yourself out!

  5. Gee you have been busy sewing, I love the cheeky monkey! Very cute and will become treasured pieces I'm sure and only 12 WEEKS for Bex and yr niece wow that's flown by.

  6. Love your sewing work.


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