Saturday, February 14, 2015


I can't remember the last time we went to Sylvia Park, most likely two weeks ago when Stew and I did the grocery shopping.

That's quite a while in my book!  I'm having withdrawal twitches.

So I said to Stew last night we were going there today... so we are.

I don't know what it is about that place really!  It's always crowded and drives me nuts, but I love it.  It's THE BEST mall in New Zealand I reckon.  

Though there is something to be said for small suburban shopping centres too.  I like the independent shops you find there.  And OP shops of course.  You sure won't find an OP shop in Sylvia Park!

So, that's the plan for today... a wander around the mall, lunch there then home I expect.
Should be a nice day.  I think Steve and Bex are going there as well.. we might meet up for lunch.

I took a photo of a quilt in progress in my Patchwork Class yesterday, then forgot to show it.

Val has been making it for months, and I am gobsmacked at her talent and determination.  It's all done using the Freezer Paper,  Foundation Piecing method, which is a nightmare!  She's go so many different shades of fabric in it, I really don't know how she keeps it all clear in her head...

ABOVE:  she lay out some of the pieces to work out what block comes next... and I could finally see how it might look finished.  She is going to do a Mariner's Compass in the middle and the outside borders are going to be in lilac.
Quite awesome.  (picture shown with Val's permission)

ABOVE:  Working it all out.  Janet is an amazing Tutor, she's helped Val keep from getting her blocks all muddled up!  

After I've finished the three applique projects I'm starting work on, I'm going to make another quilt for my bed.  Something complicated that requires making blocks.  I want a challenge.

HAPPY VALENTINES DAY to all those who think you need a 'special' day to say I love you.  Personally, I get told that EVERY SINGLE DAY by my darling.  I'm rather lucky.  And he knows I love him, cos well... I sleep with him!  ha ha ha!

On that note, I'm outta here.
Catch ya later on in the day.


Well... we did indeed go to Sylvia Park.  Bex and Dante joined us there.  
As I'd not bought any Britto in a while, we checked out what was new and got these:

 ABOVE:  Cute little Stitch, and a glass cake plate and server.
We then had lunch at the foodcourt, I had my first Kebab of the year, it was lovely.

ABOVE:  My Britto cabinet is looking really good!  I also love all my blue pottery and nautical stuff.

It's now time to chill out for a while, then do a Skype session with some family.

So I had a lovely session talking to the grandkids in Australia.  They are growing so fast.  Miss Sienna had a bit to say for herself, while Bodhi was more reserved... but I did get a word out of him when I mentioned they might go to McDonalds for lunch!  Cute boy.

Thanks Tess for the chat with the kids.  I hope we can do it again regularly.

This afternoon I decided to start proper on one of the little wall hanging for my friend Bernadette.

I hope to have something to show for my hours in the sewing room by tomorrow.

End of Day:  I can't believe it!  I've got NO black thread, so I've had to stop working on my next project.  I've got everything ready to start stitching... so tomorrow I shall get some thread and start the sewing.
For now?  Watch TV I suppose... or do a jig saw.
nite nite


  1. That quilt is super cool! I would suggest a more brilliant purple for the border though. The colors in the quilt are bright and contrasting - so why put a pastel border on it? I don't get it.... I think it should be bright or dark purple or amethyst or some such thing. Bummer about the side curtains on your thing - are you able to use it yet? Or are you waiting for the walls before you get moved in? I finally figured out what you meant by Black Friday. Here we just call it Friday the 13th. Black Friday for us is the day after thanksgiving when all the stores finally go from being in the red to being in the black, as in making a profit! I heard some whales beached themselves in New Zealand - is that anywhere near you?

  2. Wow that quilt of Vals is many different fabrics!! Your Britto is lovely.....where is Sylvia Park? Is it a new shopping centre ? I hope your side curtains turn up soon. You are very lucky you have an expressive man in your life!! Have a great day.

  3. I love your cupboard both sides. Can't decide which I like best! So lovely

  4. Wow that quilt is amazing, load of work there. Love the bright Britto stuff and withe cabinet lit it looks great.

  5. Anonymous8:02 PM

    Good that you could catch up with the Aussie grandkids:-) Anne - Palmy

  6. Love your lit up Britto cupboard! Looks like you've only got space for a couple more then you're going to need a new one!

  7. The Britto all looks really pretty in your cabinet


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