Thursday, February 19, 2015


I'm getting really cross.

Monday of LAST week I got a text from the Archgola man (after I'd text'd him 3 days prior)... in it he said as soon as the curtains were ready they would be around to install them, and he thought that would be in the next FEW days.

Well... obviously that was 11 days ago.  I'm trying to keep a lid on my annoyance and not ring/text or email him.  Cos, to be honest I'm likely to get really pissy at him.

So, I'm holding it in.  Steve wanted to ring him last night and have a go at him, but I stopped him ... cos it won't get the bloody side curtains up any quicker will it?

I'm so frustrated!  

Moving on.   I forgot to show you the lovely flowers Stew brought home the other night:

 ABOVE:  He gave them to me "just because he loves me".  I'm a lucky girl.

While I was at the mall yesterday, I walked past a shop that sells incense, and I could smell it.  So nice.  So I went in and bought some.

We have a nice incense burner that we haven't used in YEARS.  We got it in Singapore many years ago, and it holds some lovely memories for us.  Anyway, I put some incense in it late last night:

ABOVE:  Stew walked into the room and said he really liked the smell.  So, I'll probably burn incense more often. (I had a cone inside the Buddha)

Today?  I really should do some sewing!  I've been saying it for days.  Now I don't think I will put it off any longer.  I do actually LOVE it once I get started.  It's just the 'getting  started' I sometimes dither with.


FIVE... HOURS... OF .... SEWING!  And I can't see properly!  My vision is all blurry.  I had to stop.
But I got done heaps:

ABOVE:  I have got all the satin stitch done around everything.  And now all I have to do is put the binding on.  

Whenever my camera comes out, young Dante says 'ME'... hence he's in a lot of photos!

ABOVE:  he's growing up so fast!  He just had his haircut again, it makes him look like a little boy now, not a toddler any more.

So, that's what I've been up to today. Now I'm taking a break from sewing until tomorrow.

Oh... I sent a text to the Archgola man... and funnily enough, I've not heard back from him.  I was polite and just asked him what was happening with our side curtains?   If he runs to form, I will hear from him in 2-3 days.

End of Day:  well, another good day.  So glad I got that wall hanging well on the way to being done.
I've been watching TV most of the evening... even though my vision is still blurry!  I'm now glued to the telly watching some medical programme that doesn't finish till 20 past 12!
Oh well.  A slightly later night for me.
nite nite


  1. Anonymous7:37 AM

    I think definitely ring the man... or get Bex to do it if you think you're going to go off your trolley at him. Just a polite question as to how things are going - the good old customer service obviously not a strong point with them... they should be getting in touch with YOU, even if only to say "Sorry but there's been a delay....". You're payin good money!


  2. Those flowers are gorgeous, I do love the Buddha incense burner, perhaps flick the Archgola man a text with like curtains here by any chance? Chris

  3. Love the buddha. I must go incense shopping.

    I agree - ring the blind dude and if you think you will get snarky (not that he doesn't deserve it) get someone else to do it ... but maybe not Steve!!

    I know what you mean about the faffing around before you get stuck into a project. I have several designs in my head and most of the fabric - I just need to get down into my sewing room and start.

  4. Dante is growing so fast..Gorgeous little man! Love the Buddha.

  5. Wow, Dante is looking so grown up.

    Just out of curiosity, have you paid for the Archgola & the curtains?

    1. When he delivers the curtains tell him you will pay the rest of his invoice in the same timely manner and with as effective communication as he delivered & installed your Archgola & curtains.

    2. Not a bad idea Chick!

  6. I like the flowers, and I LOVE the Budda incense burner!

  7. I would be really pissed to be waiting that long with no communication from the guy. That's just really unprofessional.

    Dante is getting so big! When is the new baby due?


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