Friday, February 06, 2015


So, yaa... Stew is home from work.
Steve is not though.  As he's a contractor, if he doesn't work, he doesn't get paid. Simple!

The weather if a bit iffy, so not sure what we will get up to.  Bearing in mind we don't have Griffin... if we go out for lunch it will be a whole lot less expensive.  LOL.

I did warn the family he's staying with that they will be eaten out of house and home.  Looking at their son though, I think they are used to that!  JJ is a nice solid boy like our Griffin.

His name isn't acutally 'JJ'.  I just gave him that name as he is a 'Jabber Jaws' in, he never stops talking!  *smiles*  When he rang yesterday I answered the phone and he said "Hi Mrs Harvey, it's JJ here".... I did have to laugh.

Progress on my niece's baby quilt:

ABOVE:  not finished yet.  I want to do a thin block across the top of the quilt to get the dimensions right for a cot... then add the last sashings and a thin border before binding it, which is the last step.   I'm also tossing another finishing idea around in my head.  More to come.

ABOVE:  I really like the kangaroo block, as my niece was born in Australia and her baby will be too.

Right.  That's me for now.  Catch ya later.


CURSING.  It's raining into my 'dining room' horizontally... everything is wet.  Man I wish we had those bloody side curtains already.
I've had to push everything I can up against the house, and bring in everything that's wet.
Now the dryer is full of tablecloths, placemats, runners etc.

And I've not heard from Paul at all since last week.  So I have no idea just how long the side curtains will be.  Communication is NOT a strong point of Pauls.  I might just tell him that when I see him next.  It's not hard to pick up the phone and let a person know what's going on is it?

Not exactly happy right now.

JUNE asked me where I get my animal patterns from...

ABOVE:  some from here, and some from Google searches for cartoon animals that I copy.

Clearly I've been away from my computer for most of the day!
I've been sewing again.  And we had visitors too... and that was lovely.

End of Day:  apart from a moment this evening, it's been a good day.
nite nite


  1. Anonymous9:56 AM

    Chris, where do you get your patterns from for the baby quilt? Adorable, simply adorable. I would love to know.
    Cheers, June, uk

    1. Some of the animal patterns are from a cot quilt pattern I bought years ago (Noah & Friends by Kookaburra Cottage 2008), and some animals I get off the net... I just do a Google search for cartoon animals and copy them. How you put them together/fabrics you use/etc is then entirely individual choice.

    2. Anonymous8:08 PM

      Thanks Chris! Appreciated!
      June xoxo

  2. Hi Take care. Love your cot quilt.

    Very happy we are no longer have the appetites of teenage boys to fill. John still talks about the lecture we attended, A series on child development), when the speaker told us there would come a time when Dad would have to relinquish his 2nd chop to his son. I think there were a lot of stunned men that night.


  3. Can you ring Paul and ask him? I'd be pushing it in light of the weather. The question of rain was always going to come up. Stupid weather! Good luck, I hope you get fast results!

  4. Awwww the quilts are cute as, just gorgeous.... Hope the rain stops soon, and you keep most things dry...

  5. Super cute!

    My mom has a guy do work on her house for her and he's a horrible communicator too. i don't know whys he puts up with him.


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