Sunday, February 22, 2015


We are up fairly early, we have to clock out of here by 10 am... so not too much of a sleep in.

But never mind, it gives us more time to explore and enjoy today, here in the north.

***HAPPY BIRTHDAY LACY!***  Dad and I hope you have a really nice day, and you don't feel too old!  35 today... wow.

First up for today, we are visiting the Whangarei Falls.  It's a really lovely waterfall right on the outskirts of the town.

After that, back into town to visit a Quilt shop near the waterfront.

I forgot to mention yesterday.  We did visit the local Hospice shop, it's HUGE.  But I was surprised at the price of things.  Way more expensive than our shop!  I didn't get anything there.  Weird.

Right, back to today. After the quilt shop we shall probably start heading towards Omaha... where I hope to have a good walk along the beach.  Maybe even have a swim.

It will depend on the weather.  I have no idea what sort of day it's supposed to be.  

We are in no hurry to get home... so don't cook dinner for us Bex/Steve!  *smiles*


Well.. we are home.  What a fantastic time we had.  Today started out at the Whangarei falls, then the quilt shop.

Then off to Waipu Cove and Langs Beach, followed by Omaha for a swim.
The water was really lovely, cool to get in, but once in it was neat.

At Waipu we found the little local Hospice shop was open ... we found something in there, and also at a little gift shop at Omaha.

After our swim we went into Matakana and had a very late lunch at the pub.  It's changed hands ... so the amazing 'Matakana Burgers' were no more.  But their Beef burgers and chips were still lovely.

I'm working on the photos now.  I will try and get some up tonight, and some for tomorrow too.

ABOVE:  Tutakaka coast last night.   Stew had a swim at one of the little beaches here.

ABOVE (x's 3)  Whangarei Falls this morning.

ABOVE:  Thanks to a lady named Leigh, I found out about this fabric shop being open in Whangarei on a Sunday.

 ABOVE:  the most well stocked fabric shop I've ever been in, and I've been in a few!  The owner was lovely too.

 ABOVE: Some really pretty, unique buttons that I spied just as we were leaving.  I got half of what she had left.  The two orange ones are for Bex.

ABOVE: The fabrics I bought.  So pretty.

So, that's some of my photos.  Tomorrow I will show you the other really neat stuff we found and bought on our little trip.

It wasn't supposed to be a shopping trip, but it kinda turned into one.

I now realise that I am married to a shopaholic... I'm NOT the only one in this family!

End of Day: lovely to be home, but I would have loved to stay away longer!  Our motel was really lovely, and I would certainly stay there again.  (Bella Vista).
nite nite


  1. Sounds like a lovely kind of day.

  2. christine8:14 PM

    I can not believe how beautiful it is there. We are expecting negative twenty degrees tonight. With wind chills of forty below zero.

  3. Leigh8:43 PM

    Glad you enjoyed country dawn. We have some other great quilt shops here too but they aren't open on Sunday. Next time you come go to Bernina in John St
    And the country yard 20 minutes out of town at mangatapere

  4. I love Tutukaka we went there several times as a teenager, and again in my twenties. I love those buttons how pretty they are, I am so glad you had a Iovely time away.

  5. Thanks for sharing the pics, we're happy in Brissie but it's nice to see a bit of home! We got married at the Whangarei Falls 19 years ago :))) Great to see you had a good time away!!!!
    PS comment might come through on my other acct here on tablet, sorry, it's Monika from Himmelgarten Quilts:)

  6. Oh it's so beautiful there! One of my customers told me he was going on vacation to NZ and I was telling him how my online friend lives there and how beautiful all her pictures are :)


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