Thursday, February 05, 2015


DAMMIT:  We had a mini flood in the kitchen on Tuesday night, but we thought we'd contained it, and sorted it out pretty quick.  But, last night I noticed that a lot of the wooden laminate in the kitchen was starting to lift!  OMG, I swear that water was PROBABLY only on the floor for half an hour at the most, yet it's done damage.

So, today I shall have to ring the insurance company and make ANOTHER flood claim!  I am so angry, I utterly loathe laminate! I would never, ever put it in a house if I had the choice. 

OUCH:  My back is killing me!  Bending over the sewing bench, ironing board and sewing machine for hours yesterday has done me damn back in. I'll have to take some pain killers today if I'm to continue sewing.

PRETTY:  This is what I got done, up to last night on my niece's cot quilt:

 ABOVE: That is one half of the quilt.  I shall work on the other half after I've had a chance to get down to Spotlight for more batting.

HELLO:  Bex is expecting visitors today.  Her paternal Grandmother is up from Invercargill,  and is going to be coming here this afternoon.  Also, Bex's brother from Hamilton is coming up to see his Nana too.

So, a nice afternoon should eventuate.  Bex is going to go out and about with her Nana, then they will come back here after lunch to meet up with her brother.  It will be nice to meet her Nana.

So there ya go.  The day is planned.
And on that note, I shall bugger off and get the day started.


so, I went to Spotlight to get the batting.  On my way through the store I had to pass the upholstery fabrics, and right by the aisle I spotted some fabric that is PERFECT for a tablecloth to kinda match my dining room!  So I grabbed some (bonus: 30% off), then got me batting and am home again.

Now I'm going to actually make that tablecloth, then get back to the baby quilt.

ABOVE:  I couldn't wait to see it on the table... so it's not edged or cut to size yet... but you can see how PERFECT it is eh?

We have had quite a bit of rain lately, so I am really hanging out for those side curtains to arrive.  Fingers crossed... it won't be long now.

Well it was lovely to spend some time with Bex's grandmother and brother/girlfriend this afternoon.

I also got heaps done on the cot quilt.
I'm at the add sashings, batting etc stage.  It's coming along nicely.

I think it's looking lovely.

Time for dinner... not sure what we are having yet, takeaways of some sort.

End of Day:  well... a different evening here, no Griffin!  He's gone to a friend's home just up the road for a sleep over.  And tomorrow if the weather is OK, he's going fishing with his friend and his father.  He's going to love that.  Lucky boy.
nite nite


  1. Argh floods I flooded my wachine machine and have cupboard drying out and floor but meant I had to clean under and behind said washing machine didn't I? Oh well there another job sort of done!

  2. Oh Bugger. Hopefully it's just a small area this time. When I come over to the beach house now I turn off all the taps (washing machine, dishwasher, filter etc). Just can't be too careful regarding floods... just as well you spotted this one early! I too get a sore back if I sew too long.

  3. I love the tablecloth!! It's perfect!!


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