Sunday, February 01, 2015


Today we have no plans.
It shall be a lazy sunday for sure.
It's supposed to rain some more, which will be awesome, it certainly helped bring the temperatures down yesterday.

ABOVE:  I don't know where the kid got the small tongs, but he put them to use on Coco!  I don't know what he thought he was doing with her, but he put a lot of concentration into it.  Coco is just so abiding when it comes to Dante.  She's such a love.

Right, I'm off for now.  Maybe we will think of something interesting to do today?  Ya never know.

Catch ya later..


Upon reflection:  that cheesecake wasn't worth it!  I'd rather keep on track and get another decent loss this month than 'reward' myself with food!

There is even left over cheesecake, and 'normally' I would have had some for BREAKFAST, but not today.  Not ever again.  I am desperate to get it right this year cos this is my last chance.  I am NOT going to spend the rest of my life yo-yo'ing like I've been doing for the past bloody 35 years.  Enough is enough.

NO, I didn't forget, i just hadn't got photos yet!

Without further ado :

ABOVE:  Our grandson Liam celebrated his 2nd Birthday today.  I hope he's having a fabulous day.  Loves from Grandma and Granddad Harvey.

Love the show, but it's starting to feel a bit slow.  Hopefully it picks up.

After Broadchurch there was a new programme called 'The Missing' and oh wow, another awesome series!
I am already hooked on it.  

End of Day: as predicted, a really quiet day.  Which was lovely.
I'm looking forward to tomorrow, when everything gets back to normal after the holidays.  Men to work, kids to school and Hospice for me.
nite nite


  1. If you want something to do on a rainy afternoon a friends daughter is having a fundraising concert at the Uxbridge Theatre at 2pm. It is to raise funds for her studies at drama school in Aussie. Heaps of talented musical kids performing - like insanely talented. Samyson would have been except that he has rehearsals all day for his show.$ 20 door charge.

  2. I totally agree about the cheesecake - it is not a treat when you are sabotaging your otherwise hard efforts. Why not give that recipe of mine a go - it's not low fat but is low carb so won't spike your blood sugar. I buy the mango passionfruit jelly from Countdown - the brand is called "Aeroplane" Jelly Lite. You could make double the recipe for all the family. The base is just almond meal (also available at Countdown in the baking aisle where the nuts and dried fruits are), coconut and butter.

    There are so many "treats" you can make say once a week or fortnight that are totally within a lowcarb eating plan that will be kind to your diabetes and blood sugar levels.

    1. Hi Lynda, would you mind sharing the recipe, please? I could do with loosing a fair bit of weight, but more importantly I have a son with T1 Diabetes, and a nice low-carb cheese cake recipe would be a great treat. Thank you! (Sorry Chris for hijacking this comment!!!)

    2. That's fine Monika! I might even give it a go myself.
      Go to Lynda's blog, she has recipes there.

    3. - click the recipes tab - all low carb :)

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  3. Anonymous1:55 PM


    I can understand about having cheesecake for put on weight slowly over the past 25 years and have made attempts to lose it...without much success until now....I still have one small treat a day and I can manage that into my weight loss new saying is "nothing tastes as good as slim feels" wise I need to keep the weight off I don't want to develop health problems I am still losing another 5-6 kilos to get over the 20 kilo mark....I love having smaller clothes etc and people are really starting to comment...


  4. Oh I can see Amanda in Liam - so cute!!

  5. Oh that cheesecake recipe sounds nice, it is a rainy day here just med rain muggy then cold bit windy not a great start for school week. 2 yr old Liam already that has gone soooooo fast.

  6. I am on a less carb diet but i keep cheating and eat regular helpings so i haven't lost any weight yet! But I've managed to cut out sweet tea and sweet drinks. That's a start. I want to lose 5kg. It's going to take a lot of will power. I have watched The Missing. It's fantastic. Hope you won't hate the ending.

  7. ((Liam)) what a cutie! I hope your new room is finished SOON!!

  8. The Missing is an amazing series! I have just finished watching it!


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