Thursday, February 26, 2015


Well... I suppose at the end of the day... weeks... months... we have a Dining Room!

 ABOVE:  The poor guys had to move the table three times before I settled on this position/configuration!  

ABOVE:  I had pretty tassles on the end handles of that unit.  But Tallulah ATE one.  The little shit.

 ABOVE: The view from the end of the lounge.  
I love it.  It's exactly what I wanted in a dining room... plenty of space around the table, an easy clean 'floor', a comfy chair to sit in and not far from the kitchen.

There's a couple of 'fixes' before the side curtains are completely done, but on a whole it is done. 

Half past 11 last night... I get a bright idea, and go hang me life preserver in the dining room:

ABOVE: Not sure ORANGE 'goes' in the room... but I will leave it there and see if it grows on me.

So today?  I'm going to do some sewing.  Then late this afternoon Griffin has the 2nd dental appointment for his root canal treatment.
It's takeaway night, so yaaa... don't have to cook.

It's so hot in the late afternoon, cooking is such a pain.  I really can't wait for winter!

Right, I'm off to do something constructive.


Ha ha!  Total procrastination going on here!  I've been on my computer most of the morning... reading stuff, listening to funny videos... just chillin' and relaxing.
So tired after a rough few days with headaches, both Stew and I.  We almost need another get away weekend!

But... that will have to wait until baby is born and all is going well .

I shall probably get down to the sewing room after lunch.  

I finally did something.   I washed the freakin' floors.  Now my back is saying 'WTF you doing?'
Hurts.  Next time maybe Griffin or Brylee can do it.

Griffin's dental appointment has been changed till next week... there's major roadwork on the main road out of our suburb... so we wouldn't stand a chance of getting there on time... or even within working hours today!

End of Day:  and I've just washed the floors again... I can't believe how dirty they were!  Ikkkk.  I've got a lady coming tomorrow to quote on alternative flooring and didn't want her feet sticking to the floor!  Kids/dogs = mess.
nite nite


  1. The dining room looks really great. And by all means keep the orange life ring! It's perfect. Waterproof, too. Just in case there is some water ! It looks really cute. Take a photo tonight of the family eating take aways in the new dining room!

  2. Anonymous8:15 AM

    Love the dining room, now you all can eat there without getting wet!! I agree leave the orange life ring there it gives the room some color. Sending cold weather your way. It is so damp and chilly here in Orlando, Florida. Marianne from Orlando

  3. I love the dining room ,I also love the life ring its meant to be orange and in ya face love the lights and all the things...hope you have a lovely day and inspiration comes through out the day.....

  4. Aww it looks so nice! I like the life preserver better out there :)

  5. it looks fantastic. how do you think it will go in the heat of the day in summer? Or, as you mentioned once before, I imagine it won't get used much in the heat :) It sure does look great.

  6. Yep, leave the ring, it gives a pop of colour & fits the nautical theme.

  7. I love your new room and everything in it. Are any of your kids as artistic as you???
    Wish I had a tenth of your talent.

  8. Honey I don't see anything artistic or talented about putting a room together! But thank you for the compliment. As for my kids being artistic? ... hmmmm. Not that I've noticed. But then, sometimes these things are not realised until you try it! My Dad was a rough and ready bushman, but in his later years he did some amazing things renovating their beach house with wood and design.


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