Wednesday, February 18, 2015


Today I've got a hair appointment late morning.  I'm going darker this time.
Totally sick of massive re-growth.  Might even get my hair colour back to it's 'REAL' colour.  Which is mouse.

Mouse = I used to be blonde many moons ago, but now I'm just 'not blonde/not brown'.  MOUSE.

It's a non-colour really, and I hate it.  That's why I keep getting it re-blonded.  But you have to call a halt at some point I reckon... well I am going to anyway.

Today I shall start the transition.  Half blonde highlights, half brownish.

I hope it comes out ok.

While I'm at the mall I shall pop into Telecom and get a thingee so I can use my laptop while we are away.  I haven't had one of those thingees before... can't even think of the name for them... but you plug them into the side of ya computer and you can get the internet from anywhere.

Stew reckons I can use 'free' wi-fi from various places.  But I want my own, secure connection.  
So, that's me for now, I don't think I have any other plans for the day.   When I get home, IF I'm happy with the hair I'll take a photo to show you.

Until then... catch ya later.


Really?  A before photo?  It's just me hair, blonded, with massive re-growth, you've all seen it before!
But... because you asked, you pains in the bum:

ABOVE:  See?  Boring.  I often think I wear it up most of the time to avoid showing so much re-growth.  I hate the re-growth look.  I've got fast growing hair, so it shows in about a week.

*sigh* ... anyway.  I'm outta here.

THREE...HOURS...LATER.   I had decided, once I got there, to get it all just dyed light brown and be done with it... And they REFUSED to dye my hair dark!  They said I would hate it, and they were probably right.
So we settled on some light, some dark ... which was my original idea.

ABOVE:  So, it's darker, but not too dark.  I'm still going to get re-growth showing, but maybe not so bad.
Time will tell.  And I can always get more dark put in next time if I'm still not happy with it.

Once I got home I was starving, it was after 2 pm after all!  So I had some lunch and watched Home and Away with Bex.

Now I have to sort out dinner.  Tonight I'm just doing a beef and bacon stew with veges.

End of Day:  A very quiet evening, spent watching the TV.  Still done no sewing!  Whoops.
nite nite


  1. Your so right about the hair I went dark at the start of this year big change after being blonde for years but the regrowth used to drive me mad now I can get away with 7 or 8 weeks between colour kinder on the wallet lol

  2. If it's not too late - take before and after pictures of the hair. Whether you like it or not - we might LOVE it! Good luck! A bit of pampering sounds delightful!

  3. Awesome yes please take before and after photos mum. Would love to see the difference. ...

  4. That thingie for the interent, we call it a dongle here :)

  5. I know what you mean Chris. I only started putting colour in my hair last year (red, because I was sick of the mouse "non-colour" too) and then I had to keep touching it up or it would look like it was growing out, which of course it was. Pain in the neck! The last colour I put in was a much lighter red-blonde in the hope that I could transition back to the life of no hair dye. I wasn't as worried about the cost (did it at home with supermarket packets) but the hassle. Also, my MIL told me to be careful and not wreck my "lovely healthy hair". She is a pretty cool woman and gave me a good excuse to stop the madness. Hope the transition works well for you. Penny xo

  6. You can use your smart phone instead of a 'dongle' if you have data on your phone. You just set up a mobile hotspot is very easy, go to settings, more, tethering & portable hotspot. Then you just connect to your phones internet instead of your home wifi etc. Have you check to see if your motel/hotel has free wifi also because lots do in NZ.

  7. I do love how long and thick your hair is, but I do prefer darker as well I'm dark haired!! I'm not adventurous at all I go 1 or 2 shades darker or lighter so regrowth no hassle I have just started using an organic hair dye and I love it I have had loads of positive comments......

  8. Hee Hee, I am glad you did before and after. It happens so often that my hubby and I decide to do some odd thing or other and we go "why didn't we take a before pic?". I am glad you did. We can see the difference and the new color looks fabulous! Come on now - you even take before pics for your furniture! Why not for yourself! Silly Goose! I love it.

  9. I have gotten an "Ombre Hair Color" to reduce the roots problem. Its natural color on top and lighter underneath. This adds a lighter color but not anywhere near the visible roots!

  10. Oh I forgot to say I only dye my hair once every 2-3 years when the mood takes me!

  11. Yes, you can use your phone - that's what I do with my computer when away :) Your hair looks good. I have to get mine done every few weeks so I've gone lighter and lighter so the regrowth blends in more. I'm nearly blonde!!

  12. I love your hair, very classy :-)

  13. I think your hair turned out great.


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