Tuesday, February 24, 2015


First up for today, Bex has a midwife appointment, and I'm going with her.  I will get to hear baby's hearbeat.  So looking forward to that... might even get a belly photo!
He's getting bigger in there... only 9 weeks and 3 days left until his due day.
After that I shall be going out to find some pretty glass pots for my shells.  I only want two for the dining table.

I also want to pop into Spotlight to get some fabric basting spray I was told about at Patchwork class.  You use it to help hold the top to the batting when you are quilting them together.  It looks like a good product.
Anyone use it?  Opinions?

ABOVE: I have almost finished Alec's wall hanging.  I did all the hand stitching of the binding yesterday, now I just have to make the loops for the top and stitch them on, add the dowel and it's done.  I hope Bernadette likes it.

This afternoon I'm going to have a blog reading session... it's long overdue!  *smiles*


 ABOVE:  One active little boy on board, and doing all he should.  Head down too... which is good.

ABOVE: Time to weigh the mummy... but not before Dante!  He's 14 kilos,  Mummy is a bit more. *smiles*

So, I'm waiting for Stew to get out of bed so I can go out to Spotlight.  Hopefully when he wakes his headache is gone.  This is the first time in FOREVER he's taken a sick day.

Well I finally went out to get a couple of things on my 'to do' list today.
I got the spray on basting glue (505, thanks Marlene), then ...

 ABOVE:  a lovely new mouse pad.  I have been using newspaper on the arm of my lounge chair at night!  I couldn't resist this pretty blue one.

ABOVE: These are the glass containers I'm going to put my shell in.  I had meant to get plain ones with lids, but these were HALF PRICE and I have always loved this design.
We used to have a set of glasses in this design.  I think we are down to 1 or 2 left.

Now... blog reading I think!

Some reading has been done.  I've got such a huge list of blogs I follow!  I might have to do some more tomorrow.  For now, I'm tired and am taking a break.

Dinner is cooking.  I'm slow baking some chicken breasts in a lemon marinade, and I will add them (sliced up) to a vegetable stir fry with noodles.  Bex is really looking forward to it.  *smiles*  ANY dinner you didn't have to cook yourself is worth looking forward to.

She does her share though... Mondays she always cooks.  And usually at least one other night during the week.  I'm so lucky to have her here.

End of Day:  well dinner was lovely I must say.  And the evening was too... we all watched some of our favourite tv programmes then everyone headed off to bed.
I'm about to head off myself, so until tomorrow... 
nite nite


  1. The wall hanging is so cute....I'm sure they will treasure it. What a special gift.

  2. Enjoy your day Chris :)

  3. That looks great Chris. I have used the spray for smaller projects but I know a lot of people use it all the time instead of pins. Get the '505 spray' rather than the cheaper version at Spotlight which smells so heavily of chemicals and does not work as well.

    1. Does Spotlight have the 505 spray Marlene?

    2. Not sure, I got mine at a quilt shop I think. The can is yellow and blue if you are going for a look at spotlight.

  4. Love the wall hanging mum. Hope u have a better day today....

  5. Love the wall hanging mum. Hope u have a better day today....

  6. The wallhanging looks terrific, she'll love it!!! The basting spray works well, just make sure you use it outside because the fumes can be pretty strong whichever brand you choose :).

  7. OMG. I am in love with that wall hanging !! Have you thought about selling them?

    1. Not really. They work out quite expensive being hand made.

  8. Anonymous8:35 PM

    Exciting for you - not long now until you have another grandchild:-) Anne - Palmy

  9. The wall hanging is sooooo great, makes me wish I was having littles! Gee the time is ticking down fast for Bex Steve and Dante how exciting. Love love love the glassware...

  10. Great job on the wall hanging!


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