Thursday, February 12, 2015


First up... THANK YOU everyone for showing you care!  I'm hoping I never get that close to deleting my blog ever again.  I just have to remember that I really enjoy being here, and not let upsets make me stop blogging.

Today I have the second flooring company coming to measure and quote to repair the kitchen floor.  Fingers crossed the insurance company get the quotes (2) and move forward swiftly.

Actually... I feel 100% confident they will.  AA Insurance have been bloody FANTASTIC with their speed and communication, and so helpful and courteous.  I would recommend them to anyone.

ARCHGOLA SIDE CURTAINS:  no word on WHEN they might arrive.  No surprises there.

I plan on making a start on those three smallish projects that I have lined up.  Now that I have the white backing fabric I can start.

I love starting a new project, so having three is cool.

So, that's me for now... catch ya later.


And... no sewing has been done.  I've spent the past two hours pottering around in the house, moving a few things, tidying up, wiping bences, the heath and so on.  I could spend another 2 hours doing similar stuff, but instead now I'm going to groom the dog's tails and ears.  

They get really knotty fast.

FROGGY:  I would have to get 3-4 'tarps' to cover the entire area!  And I doubt they would be long enough either.
*sigh*  I shall just have to wait for those side curtains... I'm hoping they are not too far away now.  He said they usually take about 2 weeks, and today is two weeks.

ABOVE: I've got a bloke under me sink.  Almost got 'builder's crack' going on... but I'm glad we don't cos it wouldn't be nice.  He's older and very overweight.  I'm surprised he could get up off the floor to be honest, he really struggled.  

Nice man though, very smiley and talkative.

Now, late in the day, I'm going downstairs to sort out some stuff for tomorrow's Patchwork Class.

Well, a very quiet afternoon.  I didn't have to do much for dinner as we had meatloaf out of the freezer.

End of Day:  I think I'm ready for tomorrow's patchwork class.  
Time to chill out for the evening.
nite nite


  1. So great having you back :)

  2. Anonymous6:55 AM

    I don't comment but read daily - yours is the one and only blog I log onto daily - LOVE it! Really missed it. Glad you are ok
    Lucy, UK

  3. Just a thought - while you're waiting for your lovely side curtains, why not hang a tarp (silver of course, not blue), up to stop the rain? has to be better than having to move all your things every time it rains?

  4. Anonymous11:33 AM

    Hi Chris, I am a quilting friend of Karen Jones and have followed your blog for a couple of years. I love my daily fix of your 'life and times', and was aghast when I couldn't follow you the other day. So relieved you are back online to add my daily enjoyment. This is first time I've commented - please keep up your blogging. Jennie, Palmerston North

  5. Honestly, if you check the cheap hardware stores etc, they sell them large enough to cover a big boat, so you'll be able to get one long one for the long side and one short one for the short end.

  6. Thanks Chick. If the side curtains don't turn up soon I might have to!

  7. Those darned curtains I do hope they arrive soon!!! Gee that floor is a worry and imagine the hassle of doing all of it.... How Griffin liking school?

  8. Glad you didn't delete your blog. I didn't know you felt that way. I remember you saying you wanted it to last forever!


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