Monday, February 23, 2015


edited out first part of day's post, not worth remembering any of it.

Today I have a few more photos of stuff we got on our little trip away:

 ABOVE: I got two of these cane things... for putting on the table... or adding eyes etc and hanging on the wall... not sure yet.

ABOVE:  I've wanted one of these FOREVER!  Found it in that Boat shop in Whangarei.  Love it.  I will probably hang it on the fence.

 ABOVE: An amazing platter... but it's really only decorative.  Stew liked it ... in the same shop he also liked this:

 ABOVE:  now of course we really don't need another coffee table... but Stew thought it was super funky, and I agreed.  We haggled with the shop owner over the price and got a discount... so got it.   
I'm sure I can find somewhere for it.  *smiles*

 ABOVE: These are the shells we got at the Matakana market!  

 ABOVE:  For now I've got them in my 'boat'... but I will be finding some glass 'pots' to put them in.

Right!  That's it.  As you can see, we had fun shopping, with most things having a nautical bent.  Funny that.

I've got Hospice shop this afternoon, this morning will be spent catching up on some washing and housework.

Catch ya later...


SMILE CHRIS... it's going to be a lovely day, no matter what. Blue bubbles.  Surround myself with pretty blue bubbles, then the nastiness can just bounce off.

Wow.  After a full TWO WEEKS silence, I heard from the Archgola man.  The side curtains will be installed on Wednesday.  FINALLY.  

The long delay and lack of communication has really taken the shine and delight away from my new 'dining room'. 
But, hopefully by Wednesday it will be done and I can finally get that area sorted out.

My tummy has been doing flip flops since I went to bed last night.  I ate some cheese quite late and it's not agreed with my tummy.  I had nasty reflux all night, and it's still not feeling good.
So, I've decided not to go into Hospice today after all.

I will have a lazy day, just pottering around the house, reflecting on my sins. 

TYPICAL!  I watered the fruit trees this morning... the lawn up the back is so dry I think our 4th lemon tree has died.
NOW?  It's bloody raining!

Those side curtains can't come soon enough, my dining room stuff is pushed hard up against the house so it doesn't get wet.

I have indeed had a lazy afternoon.  All my up 'n' go deserted me.  I did have a lovely long yak with me Mum though.  Always nice to discuss stuff with me Mum when I need a willing ear to listen to me.

End of Day: an annoying day.   MUST. LEARN. TO. REIGN. IN. MY. REACTIONS.  And on that note...
nite nite


  1. A better camera now there's a great birthday present for me. Hehe. the photos. ...glad u had a good time away.

    1. Sorry, camera buying for kids is a thing of the past! Buy ya own Tartlet.

    2. ill have a look on trade me can you suggest any good brands...

    3. How about a camera that takes better pics then the one you're using lol
      X love #2

  2. Love all your treasures. About time for the archgola, I hope he is true to his word. Bugger I missed the photos of the birthday girl.

  3. Love the life ring the shells are cool as........ I see Dante loved your treasures too.... He is becoming a discerning shop critic.. Can't wait to see the finished product.....

  4. Bugger missed the photos. It doesnt seem like 4 years ago Emily was born and she spent a lot of time being looked after at your house. How times change.

    I'm glad you had a good weekend 'away from it all'

    I have a heap of shells displayed in a big glass vase/jar thing so that may be an option for you ?

    1. That is what I'm planning on doing Dee. I will be looking for just the right container(s) tomorrow.

  5. Knowing your luck you will pick up something at the op shop foe next to nothing lol

  6. The end table is really cute. Stew has good taste, I must admit. Wish we could have seen the birthday photos. I notice the "family tree" is gone from the side of the blog - now I can't remember all your kids and the grand kids that go with them! If you get the "go ahead" for birthday pics it would be fun to see them! New Zealand is sooo beautiful. I may as well be living on a glacier, it's so cold today! Don't worry about the Archgola guy - when you said you heard from him, I assumed it would be a few more weeks! But Wednesday is right around the corner!

  7. Great looking nightstand, and I like the shells.

  8. Missed the pics of little Miss Emily darn!

    Love all your treasures! Need to catch up on your trip.


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