Thursday, January 01, 2015


I hope everyone has an awesome 2015, and nothing shitty happens.

Stew and I actually stayed up till after midnight last night! Most unexpected I must say.  We were watching TV most of the evening, and the time just whiled away.
Even Brylee and Griffin stayed up... but that had more to do with playing XBox and so on I am sure.

Today, more of the same... mucking around the house, some sewing maybe.  The kids want to go to the beach, but seriously... I have NO desire to go anywhere near the water right now.

A great white shark was caught in our harbour yesterday, but it got away.  So it's OUT THERE somewhere and no way am I getting in it's playground!

I have a really healthy fear of sharks.  Stew is the same!

So, our spa pool is it for me!

Right, that's about all for now... I shall leave you with this cute little video of the kids :

ABOVE:  kids on balls... and Keera refusing to say 'Tallulah' after I had spent a while teaching her how to say it.  Little ratbag.


ABOVE:  Weird.  We have a lounge, but everyone ends up in the family room!  Lacy, Geoff and Ava arrived to pick up Keera just before lunch.  So, they had lunch then left for Tauranga again.

 ABOVE:  I could say 'The 3 bitches' ... but I'll be nice here and just say Lacy and the dogs!  lol

ABOVE:  These are the kitchen cupboard doors that are going to be in the contrasting colour.  Steve got them all off for me with his electric drill, then he took off the laminate with is super sharp chisel.  Now Stew is going to do the sanding with the sanding machine, and I shall hand sand the edges/sides.

Before long they will be ready for the undercoat.

I can't wait to get the paint on though.... it's exciting!

I hope everyone is having an awesome New Year's Day.  

End of Day:  Well at the end of the day, the men did the sanding down of the cupboards!  I didn't ask them, but they seemed to just power ahead and get it done. Stew said afterwards that I would have found it far too difficult to do.  The glue was very hard to remove in places apparently.
Oh well... I hope I get to do the painting.
nite nite


  1. Happy New Year to you and yours Chris xxxx

  2. Happy new year mate to you all. Didn't see the new year in. Having a lovely cruisy day enjoying the beaut weather.

  3. Always nice to have a house full, been a lovely sunny day here got a few things done like pumped up the tyres on my bike even! Did some much needed paperwork....

  4. Happy new year to you all


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