Wednesday, January 14, 2015


Today I'm off to the hairdressers, I'm having a trim and a deep conditioning treatment.
I've never had a conditioning treatment before, but thought it would be a good idea as my hair is very dry.

I don't need to take the kids as Bex is going to be home to watch them.
She's got to go out first thing this morning, she's got a Plunket check up for Dante, and a midwife appointment for baby #2, but will be home before I need to go out for me hair.

OH!  Talking of Baby # 2, I saw him kicking last night!  He's only 24 and a half weeks along yet I could see him moving, how cool is that!

After I've had me hair done I shall pop into Bunnings for that paint I want ... then once I'm home I can get the first coat on.  Then watch it dry!  *laughing*

I didn't get around to blog reading yesterday, so I shall endeavor to do some today.   
Unless the sun is shining, then I might lie in the sun for an hour first!

Right, that's me for now... catch ya later.


Yaaa, a very nice morning being pampered.  I also got me 'old lady' chin and upper lip waxed... getting older sucks!

I also got the paint and some fresh veges for dinner.  I am loving par cooked asparagus at the moment, but it's hard to come by, there was none in the supermarket in the mall.
Hopefully Stew can find some for me.

Now I'm going to paint those boards.

 ABOVE:  again... waiting for paint to dry... so I did this afterwards:

 ABOVE:  I groomed the girls.  It took me over 2 hours!  AND I had already spent about 2 hours grooming Coco's legs the other day.  Big job done.
I need to get some nail clippers I can see.  

 ABOVE:  We have two little visitors for dinner.  Zariah and Lukas, Bex's niece and nephew. 

ABOVE: Zariah and the dogs, so cute.

End of Day:  another lovely summer's day.  A nice dinner tonight, I made a lovely beef stew, and we had baked onion/capsicum and mushrooms, with potatoes.
Time for bed... see ya tomorrow.
nite nite


  1. Good for you on the pampering! How was the conditioning treatment?

    1. It was OK... my hair seems to be smoother and looks lovely I'm told. Who knows really? At least I'm trying to keep it in good condition I suppose.

  2. Anonymous2:08 PM

    Glad you enjoyed your pampering!! damn those unwanted hairs!!!!

  3. Glad you got to have some pamper time. The dogs look good wish I could due fluff to get cooler!nice photos


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