Thursday, January 08, 2015


Today is my darling's birthday.  I've got a couple of gifts for him... but I didn't even wrap them!
How bad is that?  I've had a few days to do it... but just ... didn't.


I'm sure Stewy won't mind.  At some point today I shall go and get him a birthday cake too.  Stuff baking in this heat!

Dante is sick again.  He's got a monster cold and is quite miserable.  He is sneezing/coughing/pouring snot everywhere.  Poor little man.  Poor Bex too, she's not getting much sleep with getting up and down during the night to him.

Gawd I hope I don't catch it and end up coughing for months again.
That would be .... a disaster.
I've only just stopped coughing in the past week or so!!!

6 months I had that bloody cough.  6 MONTHS!

I'm not making any other plans for today, I will just go with the flow.  I doubt our sunburn is ready for another day on the beach just yet.  Maybe tomorrow.

I'm hoping we hear from the Kirby man today about when the vacum is going to be delivered.  I can't wait to get my hands on a decent, reliable machine again.  And give this house a bloody good vacum.
I love it when the house is really clean.  I'm a clean freak I suppose.

Though... this house ain't that clean really!  Dust ... spider webs... yep we have them I assure you.

Right, that's me for now... catch ya later.


Yaaa yaaa yaaa! The Kirby man called, and I went and picked up the vacum this morning.  Bex and I went on our own, no kids.  BLISS.
We also found a Carrot Cake for Stew's birthday.  He loves carrot cake.

While at Sylvia Park I finally got the courage up to get my ears pierced, (2nd piercing), so I can wear my new diamond studs all the time, as well as my 'usual' dangly ones.

It didn't hurt as much as I had anticipated, and only stung for about 5 minutes.
Now I can't even feel them.  Awesome.  I can put my diamond studs in after about 6 weeks.

ABOVE: Just before Christmas I ordered some nail polish/gel lamp etc from overseas and almost everything has arrived, so later on this afternoon I am going to practise on Bex's nails.

I would do mine, but I've got three nails that have split and are just too sore to do anything with right now, dammit!

Oh Bex just reminded me!   The lady at the chemist shop was going to give me a Certificate for being so brave when I got me ears pierced... but then she forgot to give it to me!
Pffffft.  I was very brave, considering how shit scared I was!  Now I ain't even got the certificate.  STINK.

On a happier note, Stew and I are going out for dinner tonight.  To Lonestar, our favourite eatery.  I shall be having pork.... with coleslaw.

 ABOVE:  What I left on the plate!  I was full.  And very happy... slightly pickled in fact.  I had about 3 glasses of wine, and of course they went straight to me head!  lol
Stew and I had a really lovely meal out, but love coming home and putting our feet up in front of the telly for a quiet evening afterwards..  We are both such home bodies!

ABOVE:  a shit photo with my phone, but a moment captured.  Us out to dinner and really enjoying each other's company.  Just the two of us.  I love my Stewy.

We are going to wait a while then have his Birthday Cake.  This is my one meal a week 'off' my diet.... so I shall be having a piece of cake.

End of Day: well another awesome day.  I think Stew enjoyed his birthday and dinner out.  And a few lovely gifts too.
nite nite


  1. Happy Birthday Stew!!! Hope you have a great day.

  2. Anonymous11:32 AM

    Happy Birthday Pop's lol
    Lots of love Me nd Keers xo ��

  3. Happy birthday Stewy - have the best day !

  4. Happy Birthday to Stew, I love a good carrot cake with thick icing. What is the white and blue thing by the nail polish box? Better do the vaccuming before doing nails! Lol

    1. The white and blue thing is the gel nail lamp, it sets the polish and is essential.

  5. WOW that looks like it weighs a lot. You are going to build every muscle you have lifting it up and down the stairs! Sure looks sturdy, though.

  6. Happy birthday to Stew!

  7. Happy Birthday Stew. Glad you both got to go out and enjoy some time together over dinner. Well done Chris on being brave with your second piercings - I remember as a 17 year old sneaking off to a pharmacy after school to get my ears pierced for the second time - against my parents' wishes. Took my Mum six months to notice, but Dad and my Nana noticed fairly quickly. I remember the second holes stung a little for a few minutes but wasn't really too bad.

  8. Happy Birthday to Stew!

  9. Love the photo of you both. Birthdays are special. It's the only day we don't have to share with anyone else ie I can buy presents for just me lol!!


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