Sunday, January 18, 2015


What do ya do when you get a big, fat drop of paint on your tablecloth?

ABOVE:  you turn it into a heart and call it intentional.  Works for me.  *smiles*

ABOVE:  a huge tree in the Devonport shopping centre... yarn bombed!  It's awesome.

Also in Devonport, in the gardens there:

ABOVE: This gorgeous little flower.  I think it's lavender, but not one I've seen before.  I have only seen lavender that grows on a bush.  These ones were just little plants.  Is it lavender?  

So, today I've got a little list of things to do.
Pick up our exercycle from storage.
Get a new light bulb for the lamp in the lounge.
Get some oasis and fake plants for the little basket I bought yesterday.
And that's about all I think.

At some point I have to name all of Griffin's school  uniform.  I need to get it done or he will NAG me to death about doing it.
He's such a nag that boy!  I could throttle him sometimes.

So, that's me for now.

Catch ya later...


Wow, I didn't realise I'd not been back here all day!
Well... we have been busy.

First off Stew and I went over to the storage facility and brought back a few more smaller items.

Then we went to Sylvia Park with Brylee and Griffin and had lunch.
And I finally caved in and bought another flower arrangement from the place we got the pretty lilac wreath and little posy before Christmas:

WELL... I would show you ... but am having internet connection issues?  I'll try again later.
Finally got the photo up!  Isn't it pretty?

After coming home, it was so hot I jumped in the cold spa pool and then worked on me tan.

It is stinkin' hot again today.  The guys are so pissed it rained out the cricket yesterday, yet it's stunning again today.  Typical.

Fixed it, but now me wireless keyboard has stopped working. Grrrr. Need Steve to sort it out ... it's not the batteries.

End of Day:  Steve reckons it IS the batteries.  Sigh.  So I'm using my laptop now... so strange having to type on it!
I'm melting ... it is so hot and humid.
nite nite


  1. Anonymous8:51 AM

    The flower looks like "Victoria" salvia. Brenda in Texas

  2. Get Griffin to do his own naming - it will give him something to do.

  3. I have those flowers in my garden...bought them from bunnings...not sure of the name but will check them out next time I go

  4. Love the flowers purple ones so dainty, was a stinker day here me I jumped in my sea pool TOO the "lake".

  5. Very muggy here tonight too .... it's 12.15am and still 23 degrees outside in Christchurch

  6. Colder day here today.....I thought the plant might be a sage...I have a bog sage here that looks the same, although mine might be a paler colour.....

  7. Love the yarn bombed tree!


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