Wednesday, January 28, 2015


Today the guys come back to do the finishing touches to the Archgola.  It's looking amazing!

ABOVE: now all they have to do is the down pipe and fix a minor boo-boo with the wooden board under the soffit, (it needs to be replaced with a full length board).  
Then we wait for the side curtains.  
Fingers crossed they arrive end of next week. 
THEN finally I will have my 'dining room'.

I WILL be putting my table out there later on today though, it will be fine pushed up against the house where it won't get wet.  I need the room inside after all.

So, apart from watching the guys legs working... I shall endeavor to do some housework!  I've been rather slack lately, must be something to do with summer... and the heat. 

ABOVE: Last night's dinner, mince/bacon and tomato, mashed potato on top, then pasty top and bottom.  It was delish, and I had a small helping.  Totally 'off diet' but so worth it.
I only had a little bit of pastry, so don't feel bad at all.

Catch ya later...


Well the guys are back doing the finishing off and I'm gearing up to placing a few things out there... just to see how it's gunna look.  

I've been a good mother and finally cut Griffin's hair... I had been tempted to just take him to a barber, but this morning I actually felt like doing it.  Sometimes I really LOATHE cutting hair. 
I don't know how people do it for a living, it drives me nuts.
But then.  There's a lot that drives me nuts!

It's DONE... for now, and I've put 'stuff' out there:

 ABOVE:  Griffin having lunch, the first meal eaten in the new 'dining room'.

 ABOVE:  All my pretties, some of them gathered over many years, and some new.

ABOVE:  I love this unit now it's been painted and mucked around with.  The blue bins hold the table cloths, placemats etc.

Paul is doing the down pipe, then he's off to another job.  I expect to see him with the side curtains end of next week, all going well.

Can you believe, in the past 6 weeks or so we have had ONE tiny rain shower, and TODAY of all days, it has pissed down!!!
AND.... the furniture under the Archgola is absolutely DRY.  Not even one drip to be seen.

I am impressed.

End of Day:  found out late this afternoon that is is still stinkin' hot under the archgola at dinnertime.  The setting sun beams in there, so I will have to think of some way to add shade on the west side in the evenings, so we can still eat at the table if we want.
The rest of the evening was spent in the usual manner, watching TV and doing a jigsaw on my computer.  I'm hooked on jigsaws at the moment... all thanks to my girlfriend Chris D!  
nite nite


  1. Anonymous12:39 PM

    Hi Chris, Very rude question - tell me to bugger off if you want LOL. Can you give me a ballpark figure for the archgola? One would look fab in my yard. Tina

  2. Not a problem. It was approx. $6,900. The side curtains are another $4,600. If in New Zealand you just have to Google 'Archgola' and find your local installer.

    1. Anonymous2:33 PM

      Thanks Chris. Yes, in NZ (Palmy in fact). Expected it would be more. Definitely on my list of reno things now. Thanks, Tina.

  3. Wow that looks so good!!!

  4. Looks great Chris. Send some of the rain a little bit south. None here.

  5. Wow awesome. ....

  6. Wow I LOVE LOVE the new room the blues the colours ohhhhh how blimmin fantastic and you get to potter around with your treasures out there, will you blue tac down your things? And attach unit to wall? When planning all sorted?

  7. Looks fab.... I'm jelly!

  8. Great place for your nautical collection and it looks absolutely perfect!

  9. Good luck with the tooth! I know that would be next to impossible with my son who is afraid of needles!


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