Saturday, January 24, 2015


Today Stew plans on pottering around outside, doing the lawns and so on.

Me?  Not too sure.  Maybe some sewing.

Talking of which, here's the set of 4 mug rugs I got finished last night while watching Coronation Street...

ABOVE: Funky heart mug rugs.  Rather cute.
And they will be going in 'the box' for using as gifts at some point in the future.

Today I might make a runner for the dining table.  Or some small ones that I can scatter on the boards?  Not sure yet, but I can feel the creative juices starting to flow.

Knowing us, we shall probably end up going out for lunch at a mall of somewhere similar.  Maybe it would be nice going down near the water somewhere?
I'm starting to get so OVER malls and food courts!

Now I'm watching what I eat in a serious way, there's not that much available at food courts for me.  And I don't want to blow it again this week!

Today is weigh in day for me too.
I am weighing daily, but only recording once a week.  I'm waiting till a bit later in the morning to step on the scales, gives me a chance to piddle a couple of times!  lol


Well... Stew and Griffin have gone grocery shopping.  I'm playing on the computer and Brylee is hanging out with the XBox.  So it's all quiet here.

I think Bex and Dante are going out later on, meeting up with a friend from Hamilton I think.
Steve is at work.

Where is everyone?  I hope you are having a lovely day!

It is soooo stinking hot I decided an ice cream was a good idea, so we drove down to Mission Bay and had a Movenpik ice cream.  The first sweet thing I've had since Christmas!
It was Delicious!

 ABOVE:  Mission Bay was pumping!  So many people.  Seems there was a craft fair there today, we just missed it. 

ABOVE: The tide was out, so lots of kids in the fountain.  I wonder how cool that water was?  Probably not that cool.  Looks like they were having fun though.

 ABOVE: There were about 6 of these beach volleyball courts set up.  And they were full.  

ABOVE:  Bet he had an amazing view of the beaches from up there.  

After leaving Mission Bay, we took a drive along the waterfront into the city.  Man, it was SO BUSY in the city!  Masses of people on Queen Street... seemed a bit weird considering how late in the day it was.

Home now, and relaxing for a while.  Stew and the family are having pork chops, salad and wedges for dinner.  I'm calling my ice cream mine.  I'm full!

I'm a happy girl.  I've been sewing all evening.  I put the hanging tabs on my Mariner's Compass wall hanging, and I did 4 more mug rugs... I just have to do the hand stitching on the back and they will be finished.
On a roll... and loving it.

End of Day:  a cracker jack day, loved it, but not the heat.  It got up to 30 degrees in our lounge today, and it felt SO MUCH HOTTER outside.
Time to get off to bed.
nite nite


  1. Hi Chris! we are having a very slow weekend. The kids are bored after such long holidays, finally going back to skool next Wednesday. Corby is starting at a local pre-school for 3 days a week, which I know he'll enjoy.

  2. Sun is shinning here in hams sittin in lounge at 30 degrees hot as.....

  3. Sun is shinning here in hams sittin in lounge at 30 degrees hot as.....

  4. Too hot to do much. Took Samyson to a photo shoot in Howick, came home picked up Siobhan and went shopping. Came home again, picked up Gary, took Siobhan to a wedding then went shopping for curtain tracks, home to dishes, picked up Siobhan from wedding, "helping" Gary hang curtain racks. Off to Waikaraka Park tonight for stock car racing.

  5. I have been packing and shipping worry stones all day. Then brought boxes to the post office (the ones that were not ready when the mail woman arrived. Then has seafood enchilads out with the hubby. Now putzing away on the computer.

  6. Those mug rugs are rather cute!! It's winter over here and we have been socked in by fog for the last few days. Today it drizzled all day so it was definitely a lay back on the couch, with the dogs and a good book kind of day :-) I remember those hot Auckland days ...I lived up there in the mid 1960's / early 1970's ...

  7. I had an awesome day at our Summer concert "Three Dog Night, Foreigner, and Heart 16,000 people AND HOT HOT HOT! A lovely lovely day...

  8. So beautiful there! That fountain is really cool!


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